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Can MaxKey do 1965?
There's enough appetite for a run of 1965, but the backlog...
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Thanks! This is the first custom build I have ever started. I feel like I can't go wrong with GMK though for my first, especially if I like the Laser color way and was able to get my hands on it. Did you grab anything during the recap today?
I'm on my first too. I'm excited to see how yours turns out! I didn't, I've been waiting on a Tai hao cubic to finally ship to me, but it still might be a little while yet,
How is Penumbra 'old school'??
I love Elektronika and gray Symbolics . I sincerely hope that the drop will be realized. please...
SA Symbolics/symbiosis probably won't happen. That's being run by IC/Kono now, and they've got a bad history with MD. However, I don't think that Kono owns the tooling, so maybe there's hope. Regardless, you can still buy into the symbiosis run that's happening now.
SA Electronika please, I'd liked to have the Alphas on 1965.
Edit: Said that since the rest of the sets aren't really gonna to see any reruns. :/
Missed the group buy over at keyclack. Please bring them back!
For anyone who didn't know, there was a group buy for these keycaps.
Will the set come in ISO?
Yes, it's not hard to add support, just hard to reach MOQ.
Is there any way to get electronika SA somewhere? @thesiscamper
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Has Elektronika never been run before? Such a beautiful set... do you have plans to run it with SP some time in the future? If it's uniform R3 with enough ortho support I'd be in 100%. I hope this set is still on your radar after all this time. I'm a bit sick of all the blue sets lately - we really need something like this to come along.
Haven't ran it, not sure about running it. I'll look into doing a proper IC, thanks.
New to Massdrop, what are the chances a poll like this will actually become a drop? @thesiscamper do you manufacture the keycaps? I'm interested in these.
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There really isn't anything to share at the moment, sorry.
The group buy is running on now!
Love theFF65 -- but can we have one with a number pad?
It's just a mock-up, when it pushes through I'll add other layouts.
RetroBlight is already in the pipeline and slated for a release this year if I'm not mistaken, so there's not much point in adding that to the poll.
FF65 looks cool. The only downside is the high probability of Beatles novelties. Could they be 60-s computing novelties instead?
Nothing's decided yet but yeah, Beatles novelties for sure, but that doesn't mean we can't add others.
"...please don't add Penumbra. ctrl.alt handles that..." from what I can see they aren't quite able to handle it. When was the last drop?
They aren't, but they also believe they have some kind of patent on the color scheme
Might be a Phantom with a custom plate?
What keyboard was used for the FF65 keycaps?
Tek-a, a custom keyboard design of photekq from geekhack.