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really hope the 598s or DT 990s drop. i have crappy earbuds and wish i could get headphones like these
I really loved my 598s but expensive headphones + careless friends = sad headphones. Someone accidentally sat on the darn things! I just hope these go on mass drop.
fuck thisim going to buy them off amazon
is this going to drop or not?
Massdrop please give us the 598 drop... It's been a year :(
please special edition over original, can't stand the original 598's color and black looks so much better! vote special edition if you want it in black people, its the only difference I believe
MassDrop if the 598's do get dropped would it be possible if you bought some to have the option of the black ones and not the beige?
the black ones are the special edition so vote for those instead just in case
Would love the black versions of these!
vote special edition then since those are the black ones ;)
Massdrop please. These headphones are almost guaranteed to be a sellout!
Everyone want this
I love these headphones. I have a large head and there are very few that fit my head/ears. Can anyone recommend another pair that are approximately the same size and or larger?
I want it on black
IMHO the q701 or the 7xx are better than the 598. I had both for about a year and 99 out of 100 times I enjoyed my q701 much better. Better sound stage much better lower bass. The base roll off on the 598 is pretty bad. That being said the AKGs need amping to get that great sound. ALSO that being said, I sold my 598s so I could afford the 650s which have a little better bass response. Sorry... I know the 598s are popular, and look sexy, they are comfy too, just check out some freq response curves on innerfiddelty or something and you will see that bass roll off I am talking about. You will hear it to if you get these. I would even take the X1s or X2s over the 598s.
I'm a little biased, as I have a pair of 598's, but I think it definitely comes down to personal preference within a price range. The 598's are light on the bass, but have a phenomenal soundstage. It depends a lot on what you're using the headphones for and the kind of music you listen to.
I'd prefer the G598 SE for the extra cable.
I would love to get a 598 drop
Bought em off black friday and loving it but a friend missed it, will these ever be as a drop?
we need this.
are we ever gonna get a 598 drop?