Apr 30, 2016
Just FYI the 512 has faster read/write speeds than the 240. They are NOT the same. I have the 512 and it actually benchmarks higher than Samsung's advertised specs. I am have my reservation about 2 cards, or raiding two 240s for two differnt reasons. I am not sure if all MOBO are the same but loading up a raid driver may actually increase boot time. Thats reason 1. Reason two is these M.2 cards take up PCI lanes. For MOST people this will not be a problem. One slot will eat up one SATA Express lane (or 3 Sata 6b lanes) and the other M.2 will eat up 4 of your PCI lanes. Most people will never need all your PCI lanes, but some may want to. Anyway I totally splurged on this product and I 100% do NOT regret it. Its so fast it isnt funny.
Apr 30, 2016
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