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Waste of time poll.
Why stack 2 modi bricks when one can use single brick O2+ODAC?
I've suggested the VAC-1 and VHP-2 Combo of Power Supply and Class D headphone Amp. I've never heard it. But, I'd bet it could drive just about anything!
Schitt gear on Massdrop would be the exact same price you'd pay straight from Schitt, excluding shipping which might save or cost a few bucks through Massdrop. That's if they'd sell through Massdrop to begin with. Which they won't.
Utter waste of time poll. Schiit has written in black and white why they don't do group buys. Stop posting these pointless polls.
Get lost.
xanaduus wrote: Get lost.
Happy New Year to you too, and may you find that 2018 finally brings you a clue ;)
I'm pretty sure Schiit has done it in the past with a Magni Modi combo.
Why do people constantly suggest/vote for Schiit products. They will never ever do it
Can we stop the schiit nonsense?
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So what, I'd like to see how they stack up with other people. Itm isn't always about you can buy.
Ignore them if you don't like them. It's easy.
Schiit will never do Massdrop. The reason why is because their products are always so discounted already. If you want a Schiit stack, just buy it, it's already a good enough value.
You are absolutely right! Specially for people living in US, but prices for Schiit products are sky high in Europe - so I guess that is the reason people want it.
If you offer the Modi, please be sure to offer the Uber option, it's the best version of this budget DAC!
or the multibit!