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None of the above. The only acceptable starter kit isn't even listed in the poll options, and we're too deep into the poll to add them now. I am of course talking about the combination of the Magni 3 and Modi 2 Uber.
These aren’t really all comparable. Some have totally different features. Like if you want to be able to use pre outs to power studio monitors or need a 4pin balanced output. you Can also mix and match anything from them based on your needs.
Modi/Magni is a great starter dac and amp for $200 that’s hard to beat but it only works with a headphone.
The tubes are all in their own world and Schiit has some fancy tube amps where you can use their “solid state tube” or normal tubes that make the sound warmer.
Their tube/solid state amps don’t need to be paired with the similar price point dac unless you plan to use certain features.
Biggest reason not to get a Schiit dac is because they don’t use the newer chips yet. They have ak4490’s and multibit, but no ak4493 or newer. Also their pre outs on the back of amps don’t turn off when you plug a headphone in, which is definitely annoying.
schiit doenst do sales or group buys
If the brand name is linked to the quality...
Magni 2/2U is now irrelevant. Get a Magni 3.
I don't think you can beat the schiit pricing and if you want a discount their seconds aren't a bad deal.
I'm using a modi 2/Vali 2 with my HD6XX and really like it, the stock tube is pretty good but I'm playing with some older British and German tubes which give it more of a 'tube sound' I really don't think you can complain about the schiit pricing. I just added to my pile I'd schiit with a Wyrd. I switch to using roon from my mac mini with a raspberry pi as an end point connect to the DAC via USB. My Modi 2 is only USB so it was either get add on for the top of the pi that had RCA/toslink out and a new DAC or do some to help the USB to DAC signal. The pi uses one USB circuit and its shared with the eithernet port with the wyrd the the schiit stack now sound equal to when it was USB from my Mac mini.
I now a very satisfactory triple layer pile of schiit, I do wish the would be a schiit endpoint for roon.
I want a tube pre-amp for my stereo system.
then buy the schiit! it is an amazing deal already.
Their prices are excellent already and should be higher. Just buy it. That said, perhaps they would do a limited production run in a different colour? But seriously, no need for a drop.
Although they don't do deals, it would be to their advantage to have fixed prices for combination purchases. If I wanted to purchase a DAC and and AMP, Schiit has priced themselves out of my range, and I would be looking elsewhere. But if they were to offer fixed combination prices, they would find that folks like me would give them another look, and many who were only going to purchase one item might decide to go for 2. Pizza outfits do this on a "Fixed" basis and it works. If someone is buying a pizza and one will serve the fam, but they see that they can get the second pizza for 1/2 off, they buy what they do not need or want. Although it appears that the pizza outfit is taking a beating; the reality is that the gain spread out over two pizza's exceeds the gain from one at full price. You just need to be customer care sensitive and have the pricing know-how; and Schiit would be the winner and so would the customer. There would be no deals or sales, but there would be increased sales and savings. Buy a better business book, Schiitt!
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i'd agree in that by comparison, Schiit offers some of the highest regarded audio equipment at affordable prices. Tough to beat these guys at the performance vs. price point.
I think it would only make sense for them to do a drop if say they needed to clear a decent volume of stock, as one product moves onto the next iteration/generation of release. But many of their gear is modular for upgrades, so this scenario also isn't likely.
If price is an issue, maybe go look at the o2 combo.
I didn't know they stacked Schiit that high
If this drop goes live hope we get the Uber ones. ..
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i don't know why they wouldn't - reading through their company manifesto (forum post at headfi) Schiit likes to be involved with the community. though i'd agree to not seeing much of a discount here as they mark their prices up for amazon to cover the partnership overhead.
and to expand, i just read their thoughts on the deals below.
ON "DEALS" We get asked all the time about deals, sales and other incentives, such as Black Friday specials, EZ credit, trade-ins, monthly payments, purchasing with 2 cards, and a whole raft of other “can I get a better price” questions.
So, here’s the deal: We don’t do deals.
Why? Because when you run sales, specials, financing, or other deals, it has exactly three results:
1. It makes everyone wait for the sales, so suddenly your company is addicted to them. 2. It makes everyone who bought before the sales wonder if they got screwed. 3. It makes everything cost more.
Read #3 again. The simplest sales model is one where everything is a fixed cost, no sales, no promos, no special package deals, no loyalty programs, no EZ financing. And simple is inexpensive. Simple means we don’t have to pass the cost along to you. Anytime we do a sale, start a promo, offer a package deal, or start a loyalty program, we’re adding cost to our products.
That’s why we have one price list, no discounts, no sales, no promos–because it passes the savings along to everyone.
That's awesome. I was going to pull the trigger on the magni/modi combo but saw this and thought about waiting. Now I won't! (thus giving evidence for point #1).
Schiit doesn't do promo pricing., or atleast not like this.
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@PFKMan23 Hi! didn't know you still followed audio stuff.
I do to a small degree, but I haven't really bought anything major in years.
I have the Magni 2/Modi 2 stack, as well as a Vali 1/Modi 1. The Vali 2 is much more expensive than the Vali 1 and I'm not sure that it's aimed at the same audience as the first was.
The Vali 2 has user replaceable/tunable tubes while the Vali 1 was built into the part.
I found the Vali 1 to be ever so slightly warmer than the Magni and found that the Vali was not appropriate for IEM's or sensitive cans. But, I do like how they tend to tame "brighter" cans.
I use the Magni/Modi stack with my HD600's and the Vali/Modi with my K550's
In any case, this poll is wishful thinking... Schiit doesn't do sales/deals/promos/etc