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Not really sure why there is a "no" option here... Don't buy it, simple as that. But other players should be able to get deals on other TCGs here just as much as the Magic crowd. I hope the poll is reconsidered and moves away from being so exclusive of others interests.
All card games should have a place here. If you don’t want it, don't buy it. That said, I’m pretty sick of seeing nearly every drop be Magic. I hope they form their own sub group so I can not join.
I thought this "Yu-Gi-Oh" was purely for the nippers because they don't have any money to spend here on Massdrop.
If you don't like Yu-Gi-Oh, don't buy it. But it shouldn't be all magic all the time, there are people who like to play and buy Yu-Gi-Oh
I personally think yu-gi-oh is a terribly balanced and horribly thought out game with some of the most unfun and unfair gameplay in pretty much all of TCG. I still think it should be on massdrop because there are tons of people who play it. And who doesn't want to get a nice deal?
I agree. There shouldn't be a no option. If you don't care to have yugioh on here that's fine but there are still people that play and collect yugioh cards and magic shouldn't be the majority of the drops
I don't understand the massive amount of people who don't want yugioh content here. Do people believe that this community should be exclusive to what the current majority likes and that people who want yugioh are unwelcome? If so that really sucks that a game isn't welcome here just because of hatred towards it. Yes I believe that it will be a struggle to have drops that are as successful as the other games on here, but it will only struggle because the people who currently come here for yugioh is palpable compared to Magic. Over time the yugioh crowd will grow here just like the other communities for stuff has grown on this website too. Just give it a chance before you put the nail in the coffin
Really it is the MTG group voting against it, they have a monopoly over the hobby section and most of the votes to include anything else get shot down. They are even voting they should have their own community, and I am for it. Maybe then we could have any other trading card game here.