Not really sure why there is a "no" option here... Don't buy it, simple as that. But other players should be able to get deals on other TCGs here just as much as the Magic crowd. I hope the poll is reconsidered and moves away from being so exclusive of others interests.
All card games should have a place here. If you don’t want it, don't buy it. That said, I’m pretty sick of seeing nearly every drop be Magic. I hope they form their own sub group so I can not join.
I thought this "Yu-Gi-Oh" was purely for the nippers because they don't have any money to spend here on Massdrop.
If you don't like Yu-Gi-Oh, don't buy it. But it shouldn't be all magic all the time, there are people who like to play and buy Yu-Gi-Oh
I personally think yu-gi-oh is a terribly balanced and horribly thought out game with some of the most unfun and unfair gameplay in pretty much all of TCG. I still think it should be on massdrop because there are tons of people who play it. And who doesn't want to get a nice deal?
I agree. There shouldn't be a no option. If you don't care to have yugioh on here that's fine but there are still people that play and collect yugioh cards and magic shouldn't be the majority of the drops