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I don't think you know how economy works.
Yes please
Absolutely!! 👊😎
Of course, while USPS does not charge too much for Canada anyway...
Yes please!
Plenty of retailers offer free international shipping over $50 usd or $100 usd. I think if were buying something over $150 it would be fair to have free shipping. To be honest the shipping costs are more or equal to people from mechmarket and hardwareswap shipping me things, You'd think a business would get shipping discounts or something.
maybe we shoulda asked Donald to include MassDrop in NAFTA 2.0 (I'm not calling it that dumb new name tho).. ps: little confused by so many people living in the States saying that they don't get free domestic shipping on my (Canadian) chrome browser lying to me?? clearly not all products are shipped by massdrop, so their control of the fees is limites and manufacturers / sellers all have their own shipping rates but there is a huge amount of offers with "free US shipping"...
Yes they should
Yes they should. Not express. But already so expensive with price conversion
Yes they should. Not express. But already so expensive with price conversion
Yes please. We already pay more with the currency conversion. Please free shipping. I’m not asking for express shipping. Idc if it takes a week. Please
Yes they should.
Of course they should
oh, my goodness.
That would be the best <3 Then I can get a lot of my friends onboard with Massdrop, because shipping fees are a huge turn-off ;-;
USPS is what I always ask if I buy from anywhere in the US, if they ship it anything else, forget it. Games are considered Learning Material and are not subject to Duty, maybe GST, but UPS and DHL charge a huge brokerage fee. I learned that lesson the hard way.
Could we at least get USPS shipping to Canada rather than UPS or DHL? USPS has Canada Post handle duties, so it is a flat $5 brokerage. I've been charged $45 brokerage fee on $8 worth of tax for a (originally) $90 shipment by UPS. Free shipping? I'd rather pay and not get fleeced by the shipper, thanks.
Sorry folks. We're always working on improving our shipping costs, but it's gonna be a long while(if ever? Maybe we'll unite as North America some day) before there's free shipping to Canada
Literally nobody gets free shipping standard...
What's Canada?
the place your mom took thousands of loads
I was about to say... we Americans don't even get free shipping. That being said, I would hope that shipping costs are more reasonable, as I have heard that costs can make the drop almost useless. but not just Canada, for other countries as well. Maybe something a little more cost effective and more choices with the speed of shipping, like a tier system.
I'd rather take currency parity rather than free shipping. Who enjoys multiplying a horrifying 1.3x on every USD item?
Why would anyone vote no? 'muricans who don't wanna share?
'muricans don't even get free shipping.
Why stop there? I want my drops shipped into orbit for free. Unless it's a knife, because I think that would count as international.