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The Kershaw Leek would be a good choice if it had G10 handles and the price was held to a reasonable level. I have a few of the old G10/S30V version from when they were closed out -- they're wonderful, but I have absolutely no interest in any smooth (slippery) aluminum handled Leeks.
You guys ever do karimbits. I see a lot of spyderco, they have the karahawk for EDC. Also there are a lot of great fixed k.b. companies like R.S. knives, or McDaniels knives
Really /? The sebenza is mid tech as mid tech gets. Total garbage value. Why not get a sage, manix, or hell, even a kizer or boker? At least you get what you pay for.
Cuz it's a Sebenza. Not just any mid tech, but the ultimate mid tech. Doesn't matter though, I don't think massdrop can get a discount on it.
I have several Benchmades and I'd vouch for pretty much anything with an axis lock with a ~3" blade for EDC from them.
I have the Sage 2: it's a fantastic knife, I highly recommend it if you want a folder with an open back design and bulletproof ergos and a decent compromise for a gentleman folder and a highly capable folder for anything else.
I also EDC the Sage 2 and completely agree. I've had it for about 5 years and it operates as if it just came out of the box. I do have to strop it very often to avoid having to sharpen it, which I'm not that good at yet using the Spydey Sharpmaker. That's tough steel.