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New republic Kurt leather sneakers!
Man why isnt Jordan Retro 4 collab - Travis Scott Cactus Jack on this God forsaken list?!
I wore Stan Smiths 40 years ago when I played HS tennis and well after. I don't understand why you would want to compare Jordans, w/boots, w/indoor soccer shoes, w/crap rap rapper shoes ?? Shouldn't there be some kind of a theme ?
I believe the theme here is trendy looking sneakers.
My vote would be, none.
I prefer to try shoes on in a store and buy them there.

Stan Smith code cq2201 and the Stan Smith Gore-tex , anyone ?
Please, does mass drop ship in India without causing a significant hole in my pocket.
The purpose of "sneakers" is to get you to buy more sneakers, which is to say, shoes you don't actually need, but will buy because you want to be cool too.
Unless you're an especially active person who actually "wears-out" their shoes (as opposed to "gets board with them"), you're just being suckered into "their" marketing plan. I know that's difficult to resist for some folks, but at least try to resist the really ugly ones--they add insult to injury.
Shitty shoes. Not one of them can be taken seriously.
Pretty amazing results: so far the most butt-uggly pair is in the lead! That's a real testimony to the taste level of the early voters--way to go!
When are these drops coming?????
Too many options need to break it down by brand.
if youre voting for boosts, youre doing it wrong.
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boosts are great, nikes are better
Go to: Massdrop > Settings > Turn on Admonitions.
Our boat's finally came in honey! I won! I won! I won! Tell the kids that they wont b coming home this Christmas! Daddy needs a new Rolex... Rolodex...?...Huh?
Does anyone know if they will supply up to size 14?
I would need to know that too :D
Yall better vote for them yeezys
Gotta get some Nike Dunk SB High and Low up in here! Way less Yeezy too! In fact, just do away with the Yeezy's altogether.. 😜Lol
Only a handful of Asics and all weak ass colorways, no bueno.
I want to see The Weeknd's Puma shoe the Tsugi Shinsei.
Only problem with a1 lot of these Adidas shoes listed are that Adidas will give a never special price too Massdrop because they don't give special prices to anyone, Ultra Boost only ever go on sale if they don't sell which almost every colorway does or the shoes they were a 1 time release like a lot of things with boost. Japan NMD? ? If it was GR than they would sell 200,000 but they keep supply limited for a reason.
they do give special disc on christmas..126 usd for a pair of ultraboost..why not
Can some one put in a gel lyte v poll triple white
Nothing that I've found compares to the ultra boosts. I really like the 3rd iteration of the pure boost too, a lot more supportive and has the wider forefoot sole like the (dare I say way overpriced, way overhyped) yeezy boosts.
Asics gel lyte v
How can we know de discussion time for the sneakers
Is ther a New balance poll.?