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400 Votes and still nothing :(
In other news, the limesdr hit its goal... 9 hours left
It would be interesting to hear from mass drop, even if it was we tried but couldn't get a better offer than MSRP...........
Does massdrop ever look at these? It has been over a month and not even an update.
At this point I don't think so.. They choose to do this one - which had way less requests and seems pointless, but people who are new to the hobby and don't know about the hardware differences jumped on it.
Well, I would say this is dead in the water.
How long does it usually take for them to get back to you? First time I'm on this.
I just hopped on the LimeSDR crowdfunding. I was really hoping the BladeRF would get more votes. Picked up an AirSpy based on the reviews and clock input. Though, alot of the AMSAT guys i've talked to like the SDRPlay
Perfect scenario: HackRF for TX Airspy for RX
I will wait to LimeSDR with frequency range of 100 kHz – 3.8 GHz and 12bit ADC. Its nice upgrade to BladeRF. Their coming soon to Crowd Supply (maybe this month).
LimeSDR campaign has just started ( Early Bird is for $199 - pretty neat as for MIMO capable, full duplex SDR
I like the Lime SDR and I hope they achieve funding. That being said, I'm not holding my breath. I think that the SDR play would be neat to have, especially after they just acquired studio 1, and have announced beta support for Android SDR touch. Wonder if I could make it work with one of my Odroid-u2's....
One away from 300 votes :D just waiting on one of the purchasing people now :) Can't wait!
If you want to get the ability to transmit and receive simultaneously, the bladeRF is the most economical choice. HackRF is only half duplex.
True. The switching ability of the hackrf is decent for home experiments, when transmitting legally, but doesn't fill the needs of full duplex.
Thanks for voting everyone :) I'm super excited to hear back from massdrop now :D
Thanks for doing this!
Would love the Airspy, it's got great RX performance and doesn't cost too much. Here's a comparison between the airspy, sdrplay, and hackrf: IMO, if you don't need TX, the Airspy's the best of those three.
The only issue I have is that it doesn't go down into shortwave territory, so perhaps if the airspy gets chosen, there can be an option for the spyverter upconverter.
yeah, would be neat for sure. I already got a spyverter for my rtl-sdr, though, so I won't choose that. Works nicely :)
Seems the B200min would be the best all arounder (Very wide freq range, TX and RX, Small, lots of support in SDR apps and Gnuradio)
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Yes I enjoy listening to SW too but since I live in a farraday cage building , I've become more interesting in 'hacking' the upper frequencies. I love working HF but don't currently have an HF rig and have become a 50 MHZ and up kind of user.
Nice, there's plenty of interesting stuff up above 6m to mess around with!
Really looking for TX-capable device at a good price here.
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I'm interested in TX to listen and send AX25 packets. The HackRF does TX down to 1mhz, which is plenty low. And low-power (QRP) is fun.. for instance, WSPR.
Nice! APRS and Packet are pretty neat. I just built a small WSPR beacon that does 250mW. Lots of interesting stuff in the ISM bands to hack too.
Watch the frequency range on the one(s) you choose. Only a few of these give you access to the lower ends of the radio spectrum, so if you want to listen to ham radio, number stations, WEFAX, Aeronautical & maritime beacons, worldwide shortwave and longwave radio broadcasts, military, etc (i.e., most of the interesting stuff on the air) many of these will not get you that out of the box. The SDRPlay is the only offering on the inexpensive side of the spectrum that offer this. The Perseus is a really nice SDR with a correspondingly high price tag that also gets you this frequency range. The Apache Labs SDR is also really nice and adds on transmit capabilities.
On the other hand, if you want (low powered) transmit capabilities (and have the proper licensing on the frequency that you choose), or you want listen in / do work with UHF/VHF/Microwave (so things like 802.11 WiFi, local utilities like fire and police departments), most of the other offerings on the poll (like the blade RFand hackRF) give you that.