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And now the next one, can't wait. The S35VN is a real gem! It's my new favourite EDC knive.
CTS-XHP version of the pm2 would be absolutely great!!!
Despite the m4 is great steel, the pm2 for me is a knife that I don't want to maintaine (m4 rusts). I personaly prefer the CTS-XHP since it's stainless though still very tough and has great edge retention.
Hi, I'm doing a poll for a future Paramilitary 2 sprint run on Massdrop. Spyderco will not repeat exact sprints so we can't have the same combinations. For example we can have another M4 steel sprint run, just with a different handle color than jade or carbon fiber. This poll is for sprint run steels only so it does not include CPM-S30V OR CPM-S110V models as they are in production. This poll does not include different handle choices such as carbon fiber or titanium as this is all about steel. If any Massdrop employee knows Massdrop's official colors if they have them, that could be a possibility for a handle color. I believe I added all the sprints, but if anyone can find another one, it would be greatly appreciated.