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Let's get a DT 770 Pro drop
I have Shure SHR 440 that are pretty worn out after 7 years of daily use commuting and looking for a new set and thought I would be looking in the $200-$250 range for a decent upgrade from the 440s but have been checking out the reviews for the status audio CB-1 I am rethinking my budget and might just grab these to try out? Anyone have feedback on how they stack up to the others listed?
I bought a pair of NAD HP50s for $150 from Amazon earlier this year (for some reason, only the red version is available for $150...the other colors are at $250) . At $150, if you're in the market for a set of closed-back headphones and don't mind the dorky appearance, they're hard to beat. They were on the Innerfidelity wall-of-fame in the $299 category for a while until Meze 99 knocked them off.
Looking forward to trying the noise-cancelling HP70s that were announced a while back.
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I have a set of the M50X's, and I personally love them to pieces. The only complaint I have with them is the headband is not as plush as it otherwise could be. wearing them slightly forward on the head makes them comfy -enough- for hours, but if you get these headphones, consider that you may want to get different earpads, depending on how long you use them for. Like I say, I love them to bits, but I admit they could use some more padding on the band.
hey.... wha happen to Sennheiser HD380 Pro, HD 598 etc etc
what about the hyperX resolver? I currently have the M50(not X) but for my opinion its pressing a bit much on the head. When I tried the resolver they were really good and convinient too! I would love to hear more recomendation
To all of those who so dearly want the Audio Technica M50x's and have been voting for them in almost every headphone poll everywhere... Just keep in mind what you are getting, and make sure it is really what you are looking for. Youtuber Zeos Pantera has a few very critical and objective videos explaining why the M50x's aren't for anyone, and pointing out what else might be a better option. His original M50 review:

his second M50x review:
If you're looking for gaming headphones, he has a breakdown of good options.
Here is his review of a similar and comparatively priced headphone from Shure:
And here is his review of the Sennheiser HD 598 headphones, which I currently own and recommend for their much lower price if you don't mind open back.
And here is his review of Audio Technica's open back option in this price range, the AD 900x:

I hope this helps people further refine their decision, and keep in mind, there are hundreds of headphones out there. Don't get a pair because everyone tells you they are the best. Get a pair because they will do what you want them to do to your music, games, or movies. Never be afraid to do more research. EDIT: Oh! And I forgot to mention, in this price range, Fostex offers an excellent lineup of planar magnetic headphones. Just jeep in mind you will definitely need a proper amp for these.
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I think it also gets a lot of undeserved hype because it has a similar look to the beats that truly are terrible (with maybe an exception or 2 out of the entire beats lineup?). Not sure how or why they gained so much traction. There are cheaper and similar priced cans that don't need an amp to shine, nor are they dark with a narrow soundstage. The m50x is the least musical headphone I've ever heard (obviously, again, it's intended as a studio monitor)...and I would venture a guess that most people buying them are using for portable, on the go music listening. If they truly think the 50x sounds good, I look forward to the day when they upgrade to something worthy of the hype 😎
Also, I still love and listen to my og Sennheiser momentums (over ear with the smaller cups). Some may say they are dark but something about the sound as a whole... Senn made a great headphone with the OE momentums. I don't use on ears so I can't speak to the on ear version, but they are just great all around. I also like the MDR-1A, especially for movies. A great all around can that's incredibly comfortable.
My most recent purchase for a steal on Black Friday (no thanks to the 'drop the 3.5mm jack' trend in cell phones) was the VModa Crossfade 2 Wireless in rose gold, which supports aptX since my Pixel 2 XL supports all the BT codecs. Was hesitant to jump onto the wireless train but the CF2W really is a fantastic wireless headphone. While I love bass and mids, sensitive to treble, I was expecting to be underwhelmed by BT headphones. VModa got the wireless headphone exactly right, and it happens to be just as great in wired mode. AptX is definitely worth it.