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MKII Argon, if you can find a pair of T50, T40, or T20 MKII and can wait for Ryan @ Modhouse. He takes a while to get back to your Email inquiries, there are times when I question if Ryan is Legit. (He has my T50RP and T20RP for over 6 weeks and I am still waiting with minimal communication between us). Please understand that you are taking a risk sending something expensive to someone you dont know. Most people wait over 2 months for their Mods. If you want to play safe and dont mind paying a premium for a pair of T60RP and pair it with a $500 Balanced DAC/AMP, it can be a very good alternative.
Mine took 3 months to get. Totally worth it.
Argon all day, but I'm waiting for the verdict on their t60 mod