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I am an amature astronomer, and would suggest a Neutonian Dobson mount style telescope for beginners. Something like an 8" Dobsonian reflector is in my opinion the best bang for your buck. Large aperature for light collection, and not too complicated to learn to operate. Learning to set up an equatorial mount can be a little daunting.
I have a dobsonian 8" Telescope (Orion) and it's very great to see the sky. My only regret is that I should take the computerized one. If massdrop sells the 8XTi I will definitely buy one.
I've always been thinking of getting a telescope. If massdrop gets a drop on them, I'll really get one. I know pretty much nil about telescopes though, but the idea of finding planets and stars at night really excites me. Anyone more experienced here want to share some knowledge on telescopes?
It all depends on what you're looking for in the night sky are you looking for deep Sky objects meaning nebulas galaxies and such, or are you looking for planetary View like Mars Venus Saturn Jupiter and the Moon. Also there is star clusters and more depending on what we're looking for is a type of telescope you need. there's different things to know like focal length, focal ratio and what kind of eye relief you want on your eyepiece. You definitely want to do more research on the kind of telescope that you want there is reflector telescope, that uses lenses. a refractor telescope, that uses mirrors. and one that uses both mirrors and lenses so that you get the optimal View. go-to mount, AZ and EQ Mount meaning equatorial mount. also you need to look into what kind of budget you're into whether it's a $100 telescope or it's a $16,000 telescope. I hope that the information I have giving you today will help you decide what you're willing to do for this Hobby and to better help you understand what kind of hobby you're getting into.