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I have a couple mentioned here and my favorite is a version of the Sub...the red letter 50th Anniversary Sea Dweller. Smaller than the Deep Sea but more sub...stantial than the average Sub. It’s my every day. Watch roll from Drop! Thanks Drop!

Rolex GMT Master II and I wear everyday for everything. From changing diapers to cutting the lawn. A man only needs one good watch, so make it a good one.

No such thing
Grand seiko
Zenith El Primero.
Hello Kitty FTW!
Rolex Explorer II for me. Love the look and the GMT function with stainless bezel. But yeah, like others have said, it wouldn’t be my last watch, but it would be one I’d keep and pass on.
Why the Rolexes instead of the watches that are of higher quality and if you wanted to could sell to get more rolexes
There is no such thing as the last watch I'll ever own. Even if I bought the Patek Grand Complications, there would always be something new that I would want.
Great watches! I just picked the ones that I thought were not to crazy expensive and that I’d wear forever
It would have to be an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or Skeleton Tourbillon Watch. These should be on this vote. In fact, if it is the last watch, it must be a Tourbillon movement.
That is a great story to show the true importance of tool watches. Rolex introduced their watches as tool watched and the brand has been with adventurers, explorers, pilots, soldiers and more. Your story Is a true testiment the brand. Thanks for sharing!
"The Last Watch I'll Ever Own"... because my SO will kill me if I drop that much cash on a watch.
the one thing that all of these watches may have in common is that you'll never see them sold here on Massdrop... :-)
Lol someone put a Hello Kitty watch as an option omfg.
And of course it's Ray.
If you're gonna go Hello Kitty, might as well go all out, though, and get the Romain Jerome:
A million years ago, well before the age of GPS and even Satellites, when I was a navigator and serving in an icebreaker, the ship’s Chronometer stopped working. A navigational disaster! First aid measures had no appreciable effect and so we were without an accurate time piece. Not a good thing when fixing the ship’s position by astronomical observation. Into the breach stepped the Third Officer and his shiny new Rolex Submariner, which was immediately designated as the ship’s official Chronometer. Got us positioned just fine and eventually within radar range and the heady pleasures of coastal pilotage. As soon as we were secured alongside, I went ashore and bought one and felt that I owned something of professional heft and excellence. Like a fool, I sold it ten years later and have regretted it ever since. They are beautiful instruments.
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He doesnt happen to be German?
Nope... An Asian