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Personally I'm surprised the casio rangeman is there. while it is functional. It does not look good. That said not all casio's are ugly. I just think most of the digital ones are. The twincept (ana-digi) look good. the Mrg looks good but at over 3k? But personally I would not spend more than 300 on a watch.
Any watch over $2,000 seems to be purchasing a name on the dial. How much better can a watch be? Obviously watches made of precious metals deserve a high price based on materials, but if you just want a great watch, why spend more? There are so many better ways to spend your money, IMHO. I will probably never spend more than $500 on a watch my self.
C’mon, guys, let’s get realistic here. You will NEVER see a legitimate Rolex drop on this site. As a brand, Rolex strictly controls their distribution and retail channels. If you see a drop here, be prepared to take the risk of paying $3-$4K for a well crafted fake worth about $200.00 and made in Hong Kong.
Rolex factory warranty on Massdrop?!? HA HA HA HA! You *must* be high.
Of course the obvious winner is the SpongeBob LCD watch guys
Nah man, clearly it's the Audeze headphones, although they keep sliding off my wrist...
If no one can bother to fix the Title I can't be bothered voting
Rolex Submariners are boring and overpriced, admitted their well built work horses with a rich history in the military and the famous but they have become complacent. Other brands provide much more for your money. It's never a good thing when a brand feels their hype status means they don't need to try.
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What brand would you recommend that has more bang for your buck? Honestly asking!
well, since I don't have any of those in my collection.... I'll just be over here eating popcorn.
The Patek Philippe 6002G is a bit of a joke. It's one of those, "If I ever can afford it, I will" picks. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled discussion.
I think the poll should have separated into different price category, too many to choose from here, who made this poll, so stupid.
Well, the typical massdrop poll type :( People are just throwing items for the sake of adding something.
I still don't understand which own watch I need to own?
If it's just one watch, period, end of discussion, then the list should be primarily constructed of classics, icons and newer popular watches. I suggest the Junghans Max Bill Chronograph as my single piece. Versatile, practical and affordable to many.
What de fuck is this Rolex trash i want the Spongebob watch that is a high quality device
After reading some of the comments, and at risk of sounding like a jerk, I think it would be better to ask for watches at a specific price point. I am a "Watch Geek".  I own and wear everything from Invicta's and  Deep Blue's  all the way up to a Vacheron Constantine. ( Hey that was the name of some long dead Pope or Roman Emperor... what you trying to pull).
  I have a number of "One Watches to Own" at different price points. There is a very hard to find Invicta that is sub 1k price I have been trying to find to replace one that was stolen. The same goes for a World of Watches offering I kept putting of buying. And there is a specific Alpina I want to find at the right price.
  There is an Oris Frank Sinatra special edition that had 3 different offerings and I only have two. It is in the 2k-2,5k price range. And I never got the "Dizzy Gilespie" special edition that, last time I was looking, is a bit under 2k.
   There is a specific   Baume and Mercier and a new Maurice Lacroix with their new in-house movement in the 3-5 k range.
   There is a Rolex quartz that is even rarer than the one I own, that I would love to find. ( Yes, even Rolex gave in to making a few quartz during the "Quartz Revolution" in the 1970's.  Used, it is still closer to the 5k range due to rarity.) And of course a specific Omega Planet Ocean. that is actually "non Bond" connected. At least till Craig's next movie for now. And there is the new Panerai with a sapphire window case back to see the movement I have been trying to trade my older Special Edition non sapphire case back for, ( And NOT involving  my Panerai concierge either. That is to big of a hit price wise.)
   The 10-15k range  would be a specific Rolex Deep Sea and a Patek I want.
    PLEASE, don NOT take this as bragging or a "Look what I have." post. I have over 35 years plus of collecting watches. Too, a number of my watches are technically second hand or trade-ins if you will from a very trusted jeweler friend.  Some came from auctions  and have been verified authentic and serviced. I am just trying to point out- Would it not b better to set a price point and go from there for a Drop?     I respectfully offer this alternative to all of you. And , if you think I am full of it or don't get the concept, feel free to let me know please?  I mean NO disrespect.
  P.S. > For what it is worth, there are MANY watches  at a lot of Rolex's price points that surpass Rolex. Rolex's claim to fame is really that they know HOW to market their name. Some years back, Rolex even surpassed the tennis shoe big names for a marketing budget. Yes, Rolex has had many "firsts",  and they DO make a good watch, just not at many of their price points in my opinion. But the average person has no clue of that. People mostly know that Rolex is the "ideal" luxury watch because of seeing billboards and advertisements in magazines telling them so. ( Please note I state this when I own two of them also. One with only a 36mm bezel I will not trade off.)    EDIT>   I should have stated I didn't count the quartz model as it is not truly a consideration today other than the used market.
tagheuer carrera 16 daydate please
The idea of ever seeing a Rolex on Massdrop... lol.
Submariner is nice, but basically everyone has it, it is neither exclusive nor high class. I hope the Breitling or Jaeger-LeCoultre can be drop, true watch lovers may agree.
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Actually I'd argue the majority of ppl DON'T have an 8k watch... I've heard it all from watch snobs that talk down a Sub as boring but don't own one. Buy it and try it, if it's boring, you can sell it and get most if not all your investment back. I promise you won't let it go though...
That was my bad - I was thinking of Frederique Constant when I typed that, not JLC. I love JLC.
Subs, seamasters, and speedies? Above AP and PP? Seriously?
Actually, the one watch I must own is a Seiko SK007. No one in their right mind, unless they're filthy rich, SHOULD vote AP or PP as a watch they MUST own. On the hierarchy or watches that are within reason, Subs, Seamasters and Speedies should be place before APs and PPs.
man OH man...if we could get a Submariner drop...
You can get a lot of mileage out of a Sub. Put it on a black leather strap to dress it up, or a NATO to take it down a notch or two. It can go from the ocean to the shower to the board room, then some tennis and dinner at latest Michelin Star eatery and back to the yacht club for drinks and whatever else, and the timing bezel is pretty handy too. I went with a Sea Dweller as I don't prefer or need a date magnifier. The SD on a NATO looks like every other sport dive watch out there. Stealth luxury. ;)
Is this just a poll, or is this for actual drops? I would love to own some of these, but for a drop I need a Nomos or less expensive. I cannot afford a Rolex right now, even if I really want one.
A shitty MVMT is on the list but a Seiko Sarb017 is not? poor taste indeed.
your damn right man 🖒
you can still add it tho
No chrono swiss? 😥
Panerai Pam 533, Subby Hulk, Royal Oak! How often do these polls result in the product getting placed on the drop?
Submariner Hulk has been added, Please upvote :)
Submariner Date+1
I prefer the Rolex Submariner no date but I wouldn't mind the date
I know 😂, i dont know how to change it
Dude, doesn't anyone proof read what they wrote anymore? You screwed up the title! Geebus
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😂😂 i meant of course
Wow, great news. I figured you were lost or something. But then again you had access to the internet so you couldn't have been too far off course!