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Damn, I really want like 70 % of those
I've been waiting so long to finally get a drop on the Sheepdog! It seems like every other Kizer is getting dropped except that one.
The Velox2 with that hidden Flipper when the knife is open looks really cool to me...
drop em all
Where's the Guru?
I'd like a MINI intrepid or a T1.
I only have one model so far, the 3452
. But everyone in the family loved it so much, I got one for two of my kids also.
plz add the ki401DT1 or the d1
I don't own any Kizer knives yet, but have heard great things about them - for those who are dubious about the quality of these Chinese knives, I would recommend checking out some of the reviews out there (like the one at Everyday Commentary, at