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Please drop the Rode NT or Blue Yeti
when are u droping the price!!
they should lower the price becaus i konw teens that are trying to become a youtuber like jackseptieye and markiplier and become famous like them
liin when are you doing a drop
I've been using an AT2020USB for several years now, and it's a fairly decent microphone that's served me well...but looking at these microphones here, there's obviously some better kit that would be better suited to a Drop.
I am new to massdrop but so far am loving it and would love to be a part of this one if it happens. Does anyone have a idea when this and if this one is going to happen?
Where can I get a cheap Snowball mic for 30 and under. used or new
amazon or ebay usually have nice offers on snowball mics
Really i didn't know Thank you
I own the Rode Nt USB my self and it work really well. The build quality is great and the included stand and pop filter are really handy.
i say the yeti is useless. ive used it (im to lazy for proper capitals and grammer) and i say its not worth the money. editors key is and so is the rode nt
If you don't need it, would you be able to send it to me, I don't have enough money to buy one on my own and I am trying to record videos but my microphone doesn't work for some reason
I have the blue snowball and it works very well
I personally own the Yeti, and I've gotten so much use out of it. Its a great value.