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I’d like to see the lian-li dk-05x adjustable desk/computer case available to vote on here
1170 votes and nothing from Massdrop? Wake up Massdrop!
I have the bamboo top with the ergo cut front eage it's the best desk ever! I share it with someone​ short I am 6'6" and it has 4 memory setting (upgrade option). All I have to do is push mine and it rises to fit me. I am about to buy a second desk from them so I hope this drop happens soon.
Hoping for this drop as I like the Uplift DIY desks as they offer a narrow version (26"-43" wide) diy frame otherwise's business diy frame desk is quite good for the price too.
Ive been EXTREMELY happy with my uplift desk! Id highly recommend to ANYBODY that wants to get off their butt. Playing games and working is no different sitting / standing with this desk!
I believe it would be best to mass purchase the legs to simplify the order process. Then each customer can choose their own table top.
I'm curios as to how they are going to give the options for the Uplift desk since the website gives you the ability to customize EVERYTHING from type of desk, surface area, programmable, ext... I feel that it would be difficult to mass buy them unless they agree on a specific configuration for all the desks
Will there be a choice of colour or black is the only option?
It depends on what @Massdrop negotiates but color variations are commonly available.
About a year ago I got the uplift legs with the optional crossbar brace (not using it) and finished my own top. Love the flexibility of the motorized legs. Not only do people want me to take them to my desk just to see it work, but despite having some much more expensive items on or around the desk, one person memorably told me that if I die they want my desk! The only problem I've encountered is that, because my load is not balanced, the legs sometimes need resetting, but as long as you don't have anything taller than 24" underneath the desk it takes half a minute and a child could do it: unplug, wait a bit, plug back in, press and hold the "down" button until the desk reaches its lowest point, wait for it to bob to confirm that it has balanced itself, and you are done. This reset does not erase your saved preset heights, it's just for rebalancing since each leg has its own motor.
Would not having a top be an option for the one with a top? It would mean more options and those that want one without a top could still get what they wanted.
wyatt.turlington you should probably contact MD and have them remove what appear to be a duplicate since it goes to the same product page as the other. That's 10 votes that could be on the current winner.