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I own a Vive and loved it for its time but would never order anything until the new Valve Index comes out.
Not sure if everyone here realizes, but vive is now $500 . I have not tried either, but people seem to be saying that oculus has a better display. Even if this is true, doesn't vive have a decent amount of games that are not compatible with the rift? I know that they have been working on the rift, but how does it compare to the vive nowadays?
I work with virtual reality, and I can tell you that the vive still has a healthy lead on the competition. The price is a bit higher, but the modifications that they're making to improve the software and allow improvements on even less powerful PC setups is really impressive.
But doesn't the Pimax have a wider field of view?
Agree with all the other posters, make the rift the drop. I have one and will be getting a second one for my wife to play co-op with.
I got a chance to try out both the Vive and Oculus at a tech fair a while back and I have to say the Oculus was by far a better experience. It wasn't a vive pro, so the headsets themselves were basically the same (although i thought the Oculus was better focused and more comfortable), but the Oculus controllers are just far superior to the Vive's. they were more responsive, had more functionality, and they had actual joysticks instead of the track-pads the vive has. All in all, I would say the Oculus is a much better choice, even over the vive pro
Or get the better display and easy setup with the odyssey for the price of the oculus
I truly don't understand why more people aren't voting for the Vive PRO. Better optics, way better comfort, superior weight distro, higher resolution, it's by far the best system of all VR headsets listed. 1st gen Vive and Rift are older tech now. Why not go with the PRO? Especially when we now have headsets like the Pimax 8k on their way to the market.
Dude it is expansive af. You understand that the headset does not include lighthouse sensors, controls, etc... and still more expensive than a full vive headset.
While the Vive pro's headset may have been upgraded, even the new controllers leave a lot to be desired. Also, better comfort and weight distribution is only in relation to the original vive, the Oculus was already much lighter and more comfortable than the Vive, so the only real advantage the Pro has over Oculus is a better screen, which, while good, is only 2K, not 4K, which i don't think is a big enough improvement to justify being twice the price (and that's the headset alone, no controllers or lighthouses) and having to deal with the vive's frankly inferior controllers (assuming you're willing to pay another $600 on a $800 headset)
I know the Oculus gets some hate, but it's available for demo at Best Buy's and I suggest people;e actually try it out with Robo Recall. The display really is similar to the Vive but the Touch controls I think are a lot better than the Vive wands. I was a kickstarter backer for Oculus a while back and after all the disappointment, I ordered a Vive. Then Oculus sent us out a consumer set to backers so I picked up Touch for it. I ended up with both and liking the Oculus better because it's more comfortable and I like the controls a lot better. They have pretty good compatibility right now.
To be honest though, there's not enough content for either of them yet so I will probably end up selling them both and picking up something in the next gen once there is some better content. That is, they both sit around almost as much even though I prefer one of them. I use them less than once a month. 90% of the games are extremely short or arcade like. It's awesome, but it's also boring quick. Fallout 4 and Skyrim are great, but I sort of already played those to death.
Anyways, you have to try Robo Recall even if it's one of those mall kiosks before rejecting an Oculus and Touch. There's a lot of potential, there is more you can do with your hands and the center of mass makes you forget the Touch is there. It's really a great control.
Vive should not be the drop, they are going to come out with anew model soon and this will be outdated, we should go with the oculus because it is easier to setup and will be cheaper and have the same functionality, THEN when the new vive comes out with full hand sensors.. we can take over the world.
MY wallet is ready