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The flight boxes get annoying with those batteries.
As someone who spent 299.99 on an PAX 1 by Ploom... NOT recommended at all! I doubt very much that the PAX 2 is any different, and the company itself (Ploom) is greedy as all hell - proprietary chargers, charge people insane prices like they were made in the US but was DESIGNED in the US, MADE IN CHINA.
Can not recommend at all... my two cents.
I got a pax2 for $225 just before massdrop killed the vape section and I love the thing. It does have a propretary charger (which is super sexy and magnetic) but the charger is powered via a standard micro usb cable. It took me a while to figure out how to use it properly as it doesn't like working with the chamber not being full, but I love it for vaping my totally legitimate, finely chopped plant.
Trust me guys, dont even consider the magic flight boxes, not if your a serious smoker! Go with a Arizer Air (or even Solo) OR go for the Mighty and Crafty, everything else is shit, take it from someone who spent thousands till they got it right!
I daresay the Volcano "does it right" as well...
oh much agreed, i was just talking about portables, the mighty is quite comparable to the volcano and its on the go
Oh man. Remember when massdrop had a whole section for vaping? Those were the days.
Anyone know what happened to that?
No official word IIRC, but in most states it's illegal to sell marijuana paraphernalia . I know no one here would ever misuse the various vaporization implements that were sold here, but perhaps the man didn't see it that way. I'd love to see a comment from a staffer.
If anyone is looking at the magic flight boxes, I've had mine for several months now and I love it. Trust me, you'll want a power adapter with it as well for home use!
If you like the MFLB for home use you would love the LOG or the Vapman Home Unit if wanting to upgrade