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If the companies don't offer the drop, I think the HMD's are destined to fail.
HTC can't even make Vives fast enough to satisfy the demand for the unit at full price. Do you honestly think they're going to offer it at a reduced price so that they can get bulk orders?
Is it already possible to buy the Vive?
The Vive is head and shoulders above the rest right now. It really brings the immersive experience that VR should be to life. If you want to read more about it check out
I'm surprised Vive comes in first place.
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Yeah I got mine two weeks ago, I always thought that Oculus rift is more popular among people.
You need to try it. It really is amazing.
Why not try to organize both seperately, they would both be succesfull and it would aid in the spreading of the platform to help future development.