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Why are the ether c flow there, those are like 1500$
I got open box m1060 (not closed) direct from Monoprice this week for $170. They have the same warranty. The closed are a lot more even open though, I think more like $270.
The 1060 c appears to be overall better, especially if you mod it to be open.
These are mass produced and already great price for what they are...i dont think there is much more discounting to be done, BUT...i suspect some type of sale btw now and xams over at monoprice ;) I wonder what discount would motivate a 300 dollar buyer? 10-20%???
why do we need a drop on these? They are already low price at monoprice and have occasional sales
The 1060c is a more impressive headphone with revised driver.
Monoprice typically has low prices and does large mass produced quantities. I doubt a drop here would lower the price more than a few $$ from what you can get them at direct from Monoprice.
I think this Poll description needs to be updated. Regardless, I think we should have folks vote for a pre-order drop on the new Monoprice Monolith M1060c Over Ear Closed Back Planar Magnetic headphones. I've added a poll option for this with a link, pic and description.
These are due to be released on Feb. 15th, 2018 - probably a little too close for a pre-order drop, but I'd be interested in one nonetheless. FYI - here's a product link:
New closed M1060 coming soon. Maybe now?
I want this....damn... can you guys please drop this already, make Christmas come early wouldn't you?
Anyway, anyone have experience if black friday gonna reduce this price on mono price webs?
Why hasn't this been removed? It's obviously a very old poll if it is talking about preorders. Time to clean house Massdrop...
$300 is too much bruh that's retail price innit?
Right? I paid only $100 for my M560.
Bruh, why the pony?
Vote for pony!
Surprised no one linked Zeo's review on the 560s
Z is kind of a joke, but he does have a way of drawing you in, i think he is more about build quality than sound quality but build is important too. I admit to watching his
As at the time of writing this there are 5 people who voted 'no thanks'.... And thus I must do my bit to raise awarenes lest the virus spread. A] You're probably thinking I'm gonna chime on about 'Planar magnetic this' and 'orthodynamic that' aren't ya? Nope, 106mm drivers B] 106mm is precisely DOUBLE 50mm, plus an aditional 6mm C] think my little square bracket dot points are gonna become annoying...? D] meh E] even if they're not great, they're $299 now, imagine how cheap they'll be.... and MODS!! Can you imagine the mods! F] these square brackets gotta go huh.... • Boom!! these are gonna be the next big thing, I'm feeling like we're about to witness the making of a legend.... •the headphones I mean, not these new dot points wonder what mr speakers call his epic version? Cos you know... • Planar. ✌️😋👍
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Yup definitely. I've ordered from the first batch. everything was good until the constant tugging from my dac due to the short cord, it eventually pulled hard enough to separate the headband. I've just RMAed em hoping to get v2.
Lol I have the edition 2. Dann they did magic to it