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The mojo has nothing on the Ifi Micro Idsd black label.
Schiit Audio has disclosed many many times they will never have their products go on sale for new. I don't understand why people keep adding Schiit to poles like this. At least it gives them some exposure.
Those are my thoughts exactly.
It’s all about the IFI Audio idsd micro Black Label!!
I sorta doubt we'd see the Chord Mojo on MD again after they were caught last time selling illegitimate ones.
There’s no shortage of DAC/headphone amps on Massdrop, and if you didn’t catch one, you just wait a few weeks and it will come back eventually. Massdrop should drop the charade and have them on perpetual rolling stock.
Finally, been waiting for decent portable amp/dac. Had Fiio E17 Alpen 2 on mind for a while but been waiting for MD to have something better, under $200.
Anyone know if the chances of seeing a Chord Mojo in a drop likely?
With Oppo's audio division closing shop, it would great if they sold their design rights to Massdrop.
Added Topping NX4. Excellent budget DAC/amp with a lot of native compatibility.
I'm in.
come on everyone get on board lets make this happen