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I have no idea how someone could specify the large tablets over the medium, but I do understand not everyone draws/edits the same. On a 27" screen I've never felt the larger space benefited me. Medium is just the right amount for both wrist and arm movement, for me (and this is coming from someone who regularly works on 24 x 36 or larger formats in both paper and digital).
Wait, is it the pen and touch series for both medium and large?
I hope even if the large one wins that there is an option for the medium and small.
how is this not a drop right now
I have a large one intuos 3, I regret getting the big one... Takes too much space, recommend medium even small for lap use
I would love to see this on Massdrop. I am considering getting one and to get a discount on it would be great. I have tried Craigslist but to no avail.
Check Mercari. I got my large off there for $150. In truth, though, I wish I'd gone medium, same as @doom_pd0
The medium tablets are the best in my experience (as someone who draws with my wrist rather than my whole arm, which the large size necessitates). Would be interested to see if Wacom would drop the price at all, as I don't think I've EVER seen a sale on any of their products.
I love my drawing tablet. I've had the original one for about 16 years and have a later model now at work. Both times I bought the large tablets since I had the space. I'm really wanting to upgrade to one of the cord free wireless ones for ease of mobility. I'm not sure how I would even use a mouse now with illustrator or photoshop it would be like driving a car in boxing gloves!
if the price can be considerably lower than the actually price point we can get now on their website, will definitely get the large tablet and wish there is a choice to include the accessories with the tablet.
I recently had a chance to use one of these and was very impressed. I didn't see anything recent about this, and I'm curious to what you all think.