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I used to use a webcam but not i use an actual camera as an webcam now (go pro) it is expensive to do but it gets great quality.
Logitech dominates the webcam market, but their drivers are total CR@P and their "support" consists of "that feature is no longer supported". Their business model seems all about putting a camera on the market, then killing some or all of the functionality with a driver update, shrugging their shoulders and suggesting a newer model.
Obsolescence via software updates is not a model I find very attractive.
Personally I've had two of the C920 just stop working on me and it was during moves, they were packed very carefully as well. I'm on my third, maybe I'll try their c922x but meh.
why are people not choosing the newer webcams by razor and logitech with the new background removal tool?
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Good point.
If you arent doing streaming then dont get em. If you are then get em. I perfer the logitech brio even though the razer is smaller and compact. I have seen some people use actual go pros as webcams which is nice
Added the current (newer version) C920
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me too used to have one but it broke in my move :(
The newest version is the 922x though. The C920 is older than the c922x.