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Agreed, almost all of these are not Wharncliffes. Modified Wharncliffs, no doubt.
Is this the part where I whine that none of my choices are winning?
Where is the sexy microtech sigil in this?
Do you mean the MK6, in maybe the apocalyptic titanium finish? I have it, its great, though I was a little bit disappointed that it was fitted with nylon washers and not ceramic bearings...
It most certainly has bearings
Crkt Pilar?
Can we get the Kizer Critical as a drop?
I have to say I really like the Kizer Uprising Wharncliffe knife it looks so cool
I have one. Great knife. Looks great too . Would recommend
this is the part where I act like a pedantic asshole and point out that that is not actually a Wharncliffe. The edge is curved.