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Hey guys, Im an animator just looking for some headphones to listen music and edit, so I dont really know anything, could someone reccomend something under 100$ ? Thanks!
This drop doesn't ship to Malaysia. How sad...
What about Sennheiser HD660s Massdrop edition. That would be a dream come true😉
The obsessive interest so many Massdrop patrons have with a single mediocre-at-best product is a fascinating study in groupthink conformity. Come on people, free thy selves.
Am hoping that (someday) a HifiMan "HE56X" will have qualified for a re-drop.
Okay, over half these headphones are closed-backed. What the heck is wrong with people? It’s like entering a bunch of hiking boots in a sandals contest. Open-backed means open-backed. This isn’t rocket surgery, people.
Is rocket surgery even a thing? ;p But yeah iems are the furthest thing from open backed possible (despite the film rolls that are now in the poll)
any idea if the 6xx will drop again?
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And I would love to pay for it.
they have a drop rn and it will end in 2 days
I want IE800 at a deal
Guys really really want a pair of audeze el-8s WHERE WERE THEY?
What exactly was the difference between the 6XX and say a 600 or 650? Was it just price or was there an actual component change?
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Great, thanks for the actually useful info!
And it comes with a shorter cable using 3.5mm, with a 3.5mm -> 1/4” converter instead of the other way around.
what about the monoprice monolith m1060
what about the monolith m1060
Unfortunately I don't believe the HD6XX will ever drop again.
Will just announced they will drop again
they have a drop rn for them and it will end in 2 days
why not vote for the sen 800s? very very good
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Good, but pricey
A modded 800 would definitely be ideal, maybe at $800. Would fix the treble spike, probably the best headphones in existence that way.
And for the love of god LET THEM STAY IN STOCK FOR AT LEAST 5 DAYS
How many times do we need to tell them? HD6XX! I'm waiting until the day I die.
Does Massdrop listen to these polls? Will the winner definitely be re-dropped?
HD6xx for years
HD 6XX 👌👏
Ahah nice poll ! I hope the glorious HD 6XX will be back soon !