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Sennheiser HD 414 Get Sennheiser to make them again!
Still waiting for a th900 to get the thx00 style overhaul. It would the headphone of headphones 🙂
where is HD8xx i'm tired of waiting !! T.T
Neumann NDH 20, pleeease!
Focal Clear!!!!!
Are the HD 800 or HD 700 ever going to be on massdrop? Or do I just have false hope .
forget the hd7xx.. we need hd8xx !!!!! finally TOTL sound without breaking the bank
I would love to see a revamp of either the Sennheiser RS 175 or 185 RF Wireless Headphone System
Man I would love to see a drop some Audeze headphones. Too bad they already make something called the LCD X. Maybe LCD Z?
Bluetooth 5 compatibility is a must.
Uhhh no.. this is a poll for actual studio headphones, most likely to be used with multi thousand dollar professional audio equipment. This is not a poll for shitty beats headphones or Bluetooth garbage.
Get to know technology before you say things that make you sound stupid. Yes, analog is great for certain things but BTv5 exceeds the requirements of the above average self-absorbed audiophile. Although we both agree, Beats are shitty. Good day.
Sennheiser HD8XX incoming!
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Sennheiser Orpheuxx? ever tought of that?
Now I just need to join a massdrop for a great DAC to pair with the HD8XX. Been eyeing the HD 800S for years but never had the cash for the headphones and DAC.
Guys you should really look into getting a Audezee offering for a drop. Sennheiser has a great aftermarket and used market and their stuff always goes on sale. For instance 2 years ago I was able to pick up a pair of HD800 non S for 740$ used and they were like new. And even more recently 5 months ago I was able to get HD800S used for 1,020$ flat with no tax and those looked like they were out of the box for 2 seconds before being sold as used. LCDs on the other hand are hard to come by and are a much needed addition to the XXX family. We don't really have many planar headphones for drops mostly the 4xx which have very questionable in terms build quality. They are great for an entry level planar but their flaws are very apparent if you have a variety of cans over 500$. The same can't be said about HD58X or 6XX who hold their own in the higher price ranges. So it'd be nice to get a nice high end planar because we already have great dynamic driver headphones.
I can't find any used sennheiser hd800s here in Australia. We need a mass drop of the hd800s!!
When it comes to Sennheiser, Hifiman, AKG, or Focal, you will NOT get manufacturers’ retail models. You will get Massdrop xx versions here and dat is all you will get.
hd 700 is like a hd 660s same 150 ohems so ok
I personally like the hd 700 a lot better than 660s. the hd 700 is discontinued now.
Is the audiophile section only headphones? No speakers, receivers etc.?
i think there are, but headphones are probably the most exciting
u should vote for Focal Clear Its way better than Sennheiser !!
Interesting headphones I'll vote for it.
How does Massdrop get these for a low price point? I would love to get Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO! I have read a lot of reviews and these are supposed to be the best headphones in their price range!
Keep in mind the HD820 is the new closed back headphones.
Really trying to get Mass Drop to make a HD8XX headphone or at min. HD 700 they are just out of reach of my price point.