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How about disc golf accessories/discs?
I know I can speak for a large group of people when I say this site needs some snowboarding drops. Most things in the snowboarding world are expensive as hell.
Seriously, i'm gonna drop this site if I don't see fishing. Every other friggin thing is here like beard lotion, colored keys for your keyboard, pointy shoes...really? How about fishing, an outdoor activity that can keep you skinny enough for slim jeans. If you want to stay all hipster then offer tenkara rods and neckbeards can catch tiny fish while listening to frightened rabbit. C'mon DropMassDropDrop!!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I like fishing, but have you been fishing? I'm never gonna fit in skinny jeans. 🤣
Skinny jeans waved bye bye to me long ago.
BASS fishing, Japanese domestic market rods and reels, lures too! The good stuff and have mass drop versions of great blanks, also rod making and diy lure making is wildly popular!
Any comment from MD on this? Good opportunity to increase product range/sales & attract new members..practically a no-brainer, plus to get suggestions like this often costs $ & way more difficult. C'mon MD!
Why isn’t Cow Tipping listed anymore?!
Mountain biking, bike packing and cycle touring.
for the love of god is this a done deal yet?!?!?
Interested in bicycling gear and sea kayaking gear items.
Yes, bike gear and outdoor gear for ladies.
Are guns sold on this platform? I'm out if so.
Most likely not.
Hunting gear and guns aren't always correlated. But likely not, as not enough people would be interested for the liability of selling guns
Mountain Biking
Fishing stuff would be great! Especially fly fishing, like tying material bundles or custom rods or packs.
Too bad climbing is so niche.. I really could use some trad gear!
Bike stufffffffffffffffff
I'd love to see more options for outdoor women's clothing for hiking/camping—couldn't add it as an option here. Some stuff is unisex enough but it's been depressing seeing very few options for jackets/boots/etc.
Have been on MD 4 years and still waiting for a women's category...whether it be clothes or sport-specific items. Some of the outdoor drops have women's versions but usually limited quantities
I couldn't figure out why skiing/snowboarding weren't right at the top of the list. Then I remembered not everyone's a Coloradan... Frankly, a lot of these seem like great options. I'd have voted for more than just three if I could.
I honestly am quite shocked by the amount of votes for fishing gear. Didn't realize there were so many people on MD that had an interest in fishing
Need more votes for Kayaking );
What kind of kayaking do you do? Recreational, touring, ocean, whitewater etc.
I'm really interested in ocean kayaking in the Bay Area, CA. Also, long recreational trips. I would love if MD got one of the higher end Oru models, like the Coast XT.
there seems to be 2 skiing options, dividing the votes. Either I am missing something or they need to be combined.
You're correct. also two mountain biking options
Road cycling, I spend thousands on hyper expensive little pieces of carbon fibre or even expensive windproof lycra. Cycling is a very kit intensive sport, finding a cheaper way to get that kit would be awesome
Woodworking and board games... Ultimate outdoor activities.
Hunting + archery...yes please!
I'd love to see some accessories for the shooting sports. It's a very fast growing sport and could use the support. I doubt Massdrop wants to go through the hassle to get an FFL, but you don't need one just to offer accessories.
With the price and replacement frequency of climbing gear, it seems to be a no-brainer to add that. My camping gear lasts for ever, but my climbing gear gets beat to hell and replaced quite a bit. Something to think about for those who make decisions at Massdrop
Horseback, horses, horse riding ! :)