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Missing the option for donuts!
Vegetables scoring higher than pizza?? How is this possible. Pizza should be first because it's ✓ bread ✓ pie ✓ vegetable ✓ meat (even if it has no meat on it) ✓ everything else, somehow
I buy Wheat Montana wheat berries, use my Nutrimill wheat grinder to make flour, and everybody loves my whole wheat bread. The comment I get from most people is, "This can't be whole wheat bread! The texture is wonderful and the flavor is the best!" My Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book taught me how to make excellent whole wheat bread. I also bake whole-wheat cookies, and many people can't tell they are whole wheat.
If you are baking ramen, you're doing it wrong.
Breads are what I bake the most, either sandwich loaves or baguettes, and I love researching and baking unfamiliar regional and ethnic bread recipes of all kinds (flatbreads, rye, quick breads, etc). I also bake and decorate special occasion cakes for family and close friends on a fairly frequent basis, with cookies and sweet or savory pies thrown into the mix a few times a year.
flan is a custard, but I agree with pita falling in the bread category.
Wouldn't Pita fall under the Bread category and Flan the Cake category?
Flan isn't cake. Pita is a flatbread, while most people think of more risen bread to be "bread."
But it shouldn't be separate from bread.