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There is a new player on the market , the succesor on the PX which was good for audio, bad for comfort. Now those things seems to be resolved.... Available around october, im waiting for this. The PX7 from bowers and wilkins.
The Sonys do a super good job with music and are unbeatable value, so I think they should be the top contender for decent active noise cancelling headphones at the moment. The Sennheisers are nice sounding, but not that much better than the sonys, maybe more balanced, less bass heavy. their noise cancelling is a bit better, at least it seems better trying them in a noisy store. I've tried most of them recently as I was in the market for bluetooth headphones and noise cancelling is a nice to have for long drives and flights, the new Bose 700's have the best active noise cancelling and comfort but as well built as they are with the stainless steel band their light weight and thin arms make them feel fragile compared to the older plastic QC35s, even if they are actually pretty tough, and they are priced in the range of really nice hifi headphones so it's a bit of a hard price to justify. Personally I ended up going with the Bose 700s due to an employee discount I was eligible for that brought them down to a more reasonable price. If I didn't have that discount available i'd probably have gone with the Sonys and saved some money.
I just bought the Sony WX-1000XME after traveling for years with top if the line Bose. You couldn't but a better world listening experience that the Sony.