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When will this interview happen? The announced seven days are long over or am I missing something? Can`t wait to read it! Thanks livingspeedbump!
Hey guys,
The interview is live on the site and you can access it here:
when will hhkb be available again on massdrop?
I tried submitting a question too, but it disappeared immediately after submitting.
I want some tips on how to go about manufacturing my own keyboard.
I tried to submit a question but it didn't work. Please ask if they will have a Bluetooth model! Thanks
Hey guys!
This is an extremly cool opportunity that we have as a community, and I hope you enjoy getting to submit/vote on questions to ask the great innovator Professor Eiiti Wada!
Remember, this is not about having a "winning" vote, but voting on the interesting ones that you'd like to see asked, so vote on 3 options accordingly! The poll will end after 7 days and we will be picking the best 10 questions to ask Professor Eiiti Wada.
Please keep the discussion relevant and respectful!
If you have a question feel free to ask Kunal/Alex/me on here or pm "livingspeedbump" on Deskthority/Geekhack/Reddit
For more information see my post on KeyChatter here: