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I'd really like a skin to cover my NFB-11. I actually was checking if I can get a sheet or something to do it myself on Slick wraps but they denied me. Feelsbadman
I've had the R2R-11 and now currently run the R28.
Although I much prefer the R28, I think the R2R-11 appeals to a broader audience as it is substantially cheaper and a whole lot smaller so easier to place on a desk.
That being said, I don't see Kingwa offering units to Massdrop at cheaper prices to suit the Massdrop business model, and to my knowldege, Audio-gd is not a mass production facility. They mostly build to order.
I agree. I'm pretty sure they can drop skins for it though and ppl would snatch those up quick
I have recently aquired the R28 and I love it. Just grab a Sennheiser 6xx and start toe tippin. Its really a massive upgrade to my integrated XMos in the Violectric 181. Absolutly amazing.
I somewhat reluctantly bought an R2R-11 to pair with Focal Elex. It most definitely leans warm for a SS amp, in that the harsh treble that I didn’t like with other amps is tamed without sacrificing anything else. Imaging, dynamics and soundstage are quite good with it, but it still doesn’t have the life. Definitely fitting if it’s “oil painting” description. The purist (ASR fanboy) will scream about its tube-like distortion and slightly raised noise floor (completely inaudible) but it is still quite a nice listen with Elex. It’d be cool to see a Massdrop offering of Audio-gd products.