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Moonphase would be great. Next to impossible getting it normaly priced where I live :/
I'm with you on the Glycine Purist watches. I am doing my best to hold off on the current drop and wait for the AIRMAN VINTAGE "THE CHIEF" GL0250
Hoping to get the votes needed. Anyway, loving my recent purchase of the Glycine Combat Sub in Bronze. Not a Purist so there is one more I need to be complete. Well, sort of...
cmon boys i want a moon phase
I've decided I'd rather have a smaller collection of exceptional watches rather than a large collection of just okay watches. The fine quality pieces I already have end up being the ones I wear most, while the lesser quality pieces simply get shuffled around and eventually relegated to a drawer, never to see the light of day. So instead of throwing money at deals here or on kickstarter etc... I'm going to control the impulses to grab everything which catches my eye, in the quest for some real crown jewels. I hope I can make this work.
Great point. I think your %100 right. It’s just so hard passing up watches for me because I’ve always been obsessed with them. I need to take your new stance that way I only get qualit.
Yes ! I too, took a firm stand at the begining of this week, I really held back. So, there are only 5 new watches arriving next week.
I have to admit with being obsessed with Glycine Airman watches. If it was up to me, it would be the only kind I'd wear, but they are a little out of my budget when there are decent 24 hour watches for $200. But I just sold my too-small-for-me No 1 Purist (I hate the GMT models...I think they are an abomination. This could be because I accidentally bought one once and it was a real letdown) and am looking for a new Airman to take its place. The just-ended Airman 18 was too small at 39mm, so I'm hoping we'll get a 42mm Airman drop soon.
For my thin arm a airman 18 or no 1 is suitable. I have an 18 so I suggest a drop of no 1. Like you I prefer the purist and in this case the one with the white dial. Maybe that is what you sold and I missed out...