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Teak over the Ebony for sure. Got rid of mine after I got the teaks. Chan offers the best customer service too. Can't speak on the Mahogany or PHs though.
Apparently the Ebonys sound worse than the Mahoganys andPurple Hearts. Makes no sense, but that's what some reviews are saying.
Obviously the TH900's. It's just a better headphone
But Ebony is the more neutral of the bunch, purplehearts are more "fun" and the walnut is in between.
You don't seem to get the point... That's apple and oranges.
"Which car should I buy? - Audi A4 or A5?" Your answer: "Buy the Audi R8 - It's just the faster car" ... Thanks, dummy. That's not the question.
Ehmm... Sorry to say, but the TH-900s is not a Massdrop x series nor TH-X-series.