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Fostex hp-A4BL
Fostex HP-A4BL
Fine enough poll, but the Schiit Modi models included among the choices aren't amplifiers; the Modi is a DAC only.
I can pretty much guarantee that Schiit won't do massdrop. They don't do sales and specials, your best bet with them is B-stock, and you don't have a choice of what problem that might have, just know that it's cosmetic.
My thoughts exactly. Not to mention, they already kind of shot their Modi/Magni sales in the foot by offering modules for the Jot. Why on earth would they undercut that, too with a white label version?
Well the M&M combo isn't shot in the foot that much, the Jotunheim is $400, that's with no module at all. The M&M is $200 or $350 if you want the modi multibit. Which choosing multibit over balanced DAC($100 extra) on the Jot is an extra $100($600 total) more than the balanced DAC. Not that the Jotunheim won't possibly appeal to some over the M&M for what it offers, but once you add a DAC module it's not all that cheap.
I've got my eye on a teac CD player right now so I really hope I can pair it with that Teac ud-301
Need more people interested in Audio-GD. They are a very underrated company. Sound is exceptional, price is fairly good, and Kingwa (the designer and owner of the company) is one of the old school legends of audiophile. Their proprietary interconnect you can opt to use between their amps and DACs is incredible as well. We really need more current based transmission instead of voltage based things like normal. Voltage changes in interconnect cables from distance, interference, and wire thicknmess. Amperage based transmission is not prone to these issues. The ESS DAC's also do sound better in currenty mode than the voltage mode many DAC units use.
This vote is mix of amps & dacs, should be rearrange for some meaning.
This is probably the last thing Schiit would do. I'm sure they are selling volume just fine at reasonable prices.
Hodgepodge of devices, tube hybrids, DAC / amps and speaker outs... not a clean solid poll... and I give a Korg:
How about Peachtree Audio? They are running their own trade in promo (again) so it's clear they are open to offering deals. And their Nova series integrated amps/DACs seem to be the best thing out there right now.
Unfortunately this whole "category" vote is a mess... this is actually a mix of exclusively headphone amps, DAC/headphone amps, and legit 2.1 desktop DAC/amps (which also have headphone capability for the most part, but not always).
For this to be any use to anyone all the headphone amps (including ones with built in DACs) should be put into a vote of their own separate from desktop amps that have speaker outputs on them (aka... the TEAC and Denon for example).
My $0.02
Guys Schiit does direct sales only, please vote for something else.
With the growing number of people purchasing through massdrop, Schiit will only be hurting themselves if they don't participate at all. They are a weird, stubborn company, so it won't surprise me if they miss out and continue to ignore the growing massdrop community.
JDS Labs EL amp has my vote. It's JDS Labs upgraded version of the O2 .
Maybe massdrop can create a special edition El Amp?
I wanted a Schiit amp until I learned the company conduct is shit. original post here:

There’s a rather shocking video of an expensive AKG headphone driver being literally deformed by a large DC current when the Asgard is shut off. AKG reported even 0.25 volts of DC during power down might damage their headphones.
Schiit had a glitch with their products that deforms headphone drivers and, according to AKG risks damage, but Schiit’s initial response was to dismiss it. And, more alarming, several Head-Fi members simply accepted Schiit’s response and a Head-Fi admin also insisted there was no issue to protect his site's sponsors. Schiit later released a newer version of their products which addressed the power down issue.
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Completely agree. Not saying Schiit shouldn't have handled that better, but Head-Fi politics are more to blame than anything in my mind. Perhaps I'm giving Schiit too much credit based on the subsequent successes and my understanding of what became their defense after admitting there was an issue.
There are certainly other great options though. Schiit's pricing makes them appealing, but there are plenty in competition. I can't find anything in particular that really screams "buy me" for my tastes, but there's definitely a ton of options for most price points.
Schiit Lyr 2 /w Lisst solid-state tubes.
The Denon is outstanding for use with a 2.1 desk system and also check out the Elac which would not only work with a desk system but also as a mini 2.1 system for a Tv or Game console.  Has some sophisticated room correction software built in.... Denon is the sonically outstanding of the two though.
I doubt schiit is going to put anything on massdrop for a lower price.