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My Son use Razer Kraken for his XBOX. He got that because it looks cool and Razer Sponsored many E3 tournaments. He sees all the PROs wear them and saved enough of his own $ and bought a pair when Razer had them at 50% off sale. I put them on and threw up a little in my mouth.
Utopia? I dont know, dont have time to game.. I have time for social media dramas only, What headphones are good for that?
Audeze mobius for gaming. I have had many a pair of gaming headsets, it’s the best for games.
Hell yes adore my mobius
Razer in first place ?!!! Really!!!
Disappointed that someone even put them up as an option
Definitly Beyerdynamic
Ever since I had my SteelSeries headset snapped completely due to poor build and design quality I cannot recommend them.
well if you want the "best gaming headphones" then might as well go with DT1990's or the HD660S. its sorta pointless adding a lot of cheap lower end options if you want the "best" and if you want to make them headsets you can just get one of those mini/little boom mic things.
I use a pair of HD650 for music and films. But for "competitive" gaming, they do not do the job. I need more bass/treble, way more punchy cans to be able to hear steps, to identify fire location. The gaming headsets specialize in that. I use a Steelseries one: Awful from an audiophile perspective, excellent for gaming.
i have HD 650's as well and they are not gaming cans for sure. DT1990's and HD660S's are just fantastic on the other hand truly fantastic gaming headphones better then any thing else Ive used and Ive used a lot.
Razer's sound and build quality are below average at best, for a premium price. Had to have several of their cans break on me after less than a year of use for me to learn that. Steelseries' Arctis 7, on the other hand, I've been using for almost two years now. Great sound for gaming, and a mic quality I get compliments on frequently. The battery life is also great.
My vote is on Kingston for using some of the same components as Beyerdynamic.
Razer? What are you, twelve?
I have to say I've never heard of Sennheiser. I did look on their site and the least expensive headset I saw was 100 bucks. Personally, paying over 100 dollars for a headset is not really an option, which knocks Sennheiser out. I have a pair of Corsair Void wireless and they work like a charm and are really comfortable for long and short periods of time. I've used Razer and HyperX and Razer is meh. My friend has had the same pair of HyperX for years and they still work great.
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Be that as it may, many people can’t pay that much for a headset or earbuds. They may be wonderful, but that comes at a price that many people cannot afford.
Do you even PC37x bruh?
Basic rule for gaming headphones, if they are advertized for gaming, they won’t be good. Buy a decent pair of headphones for a bit under your budget, then get a cheap mic on amazon, and you’ll be much better off. If you are set on having a “headset,” than get a modmic or equivalent, though they are costlier than other mics.
As Z said, if your headset company also makes keyboards, then they probably don't know much about audio and are only selling you gimmicks
Lmao, what does Razer know about sound?
I'm actually after something new for gaming right now. I'm really thinking a nice pair of headphone with a modmic 5. I just can't pick a pair of headphones. Please help. Otherwise I'm just going to buy a steelseries pro... But I want a set I can use away from a computer that doesn't look dumb. I just need good audio quality for competitive gaming.
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Try the Superlux HD668B or Superlux HD681. They sound fantastic for what they cost. If you like them i recommend getting these Pads for it (they are also available with leather if you prefer that) But try it first with out buying the Pads it 30 bucks And if you ask me i will place a bet that these Superlux sound better than the steelseries you looking for.
I'd have to say the Steelseries are quite good. But if you want something that looks discrete but works well go for a Sennheiser make. They create really nice headphones, I don't own a headset myself but I've been using the HyperX Cloud II's for a while now and I can say that they're quite a bit better. Obviously if you're no audiophile then go for something a little cheaper. I'd say the Arctis 7 is also quite good, but rendered more towards Consoles with the greater look yet weaker sound. Sorry about the late review, just wanted to share my opinion.
Sennheiser headsets are pretty damn good but expensive. For a budget headset the corsair void usb is excellent it may not sound hifi but its comfortable as all hell. Personally I use HD660s with a mic attached.
Can I just point out that this is more a popularity contest? Sennheiser is a brand very frequently sold on this site and the very popular HyperX have been out for YEARS. Need I mention the Razer fanboys? Im willing to bet a good 80% of the voters here have their one pair of headphones/headset and voted for whatever they have, not knowing whether any other brands are good or not.
lol, who put earpods
was thinking that too lol
None of them
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I think she means that gaming headsets aren't great headsets. They sacrifice mic quality for headphone quality or vice-versa. Meanwhile you can get a good standalone mic and good headset for the same price as some gaming headsets.
I love Logitech, I have had sevral sets over the years and they always have great sound. the only downside is the faux leather ear cups always shed after a year, cloth replacements are easy, cheap, and superior to the stock ones.
How could somebody bring up the Ossic X when it is yet to be delivered to it’s earliest backers...and is now a year late on release? The only thing somebody could base a vote for them on, is the hype and what Logitech headphone developers have stated about it.
Does anybody have a recommendation for a good set of earbuds to use while gaming? I've seen the Razer Hammerhead pros but is there anything else I should be looking at?
astro gaming are the best headphones hands down the a40TR which i have are so comfortable i ended up taking them on a flight
Lies or sarcasm. Can't tell which.
Lol.i bought a40tr with mixamp,the amp maybe good but the headset has no good audio quality what so ever. later I bought sennheiser gsp600 and gsx 1200.they are probably one of the best setups
None of the above.
How about just a modmic on the side of an actual good set of cans
Everyone should have a look at the Fidelio X2's, completely underated and under representeded. Good for people who are treble sensitive and want something that wont scratch their inner souls.
why is this in audiophile? gaming headsets often do not have good audio quality, let alone audiophile quality audio.
"Gaming Headsets" are generally garbage. Just get a good pair of headphones and a mic. That said, if you get a "gaming headset", the HyperX is affordable and built off of a solid pair of headphones.
Could also always get a good headset and then get a ModMic since that is an acceptable quality mic that just attaches to the headphones seperately.
We all know whoever voted for razor probably doesn't know much about Headphones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ppl r clueless
Razer fanboys. :/