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Try all three before you buy (Senn PXC 550, Sony MDR 1000 and the Bose QC 35s).
I'd have to say that the Jabra Move wireless BT headphones sound great, and for the money I don't think you can beat them. I have a pair and they are awesome, work amazingly well with mobile devices, but that's the big downside, unless you get a third party adapter they don't like to be paired with anything BUT mobile devices. :( Even still, great value, and great sound, imho better than the other options.
Never tried the Bose, but from what I heard and read, the NC is better than the Sony. But the sound quality of the Sony seems far superior. I do own it and it sounds terrific (for a 300 EUR wireless HP). Audiophiles always saw Bose as a laughing stock for a reason, but not sure if that is still the case.
Anyway, I do love the Sony for its sound quality. I guess it depends, if you need hardcore NC, the Bose might be for you, if not, the Sony is probably better.
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And the COMFORT/weight, the bluetooth range, the charge time, the ability to answer phone call seamlessly, with better mic quality. I tried all three Senn PXC550s, Bose Qc35s and the Sonys over a monthlong period and many flights. The sound q is *not* noticeably better on the Sonys vs Bose. And the Bose are slightly better than the Senns. This coming from a lifelong Senn fan.
I chose the Bose BTW
OK, I don't disagree with some of what you said. However, I feel that the Sony's sound quite a bit better. Most agree with that assessment. Mids are still scooped on my opinion on the Bose. Don't feel the Bluetooth range is much better either. Connectivity to multiple devices isn't critical to me. Enjoy the Bose.
I don't know a lot about Sony, but i know that Bose features the best anc in the busines. Personally I do own Beoplay h9 and I've been really satisfied with them. I think they sound a bit better than Bose, and have much better built quality. Moreover it doesn't have the same flaws as its predecessors such as Bluetooth conne problems, or bad anc. ANC is not as good as Bose, but it's definitely decent. I've yet to test it on a plane, but I think it's gonna
Why do you guys think that the Sony ANC bests the Bose QC 35?
Sony: - Better sound - Better features
Bose: - Duo Bluetooth connection - More comfortable
ANC differences: ???
I know for the fact that the Bose QC35 has incredible noise cancellation, it's like magic, I don't know much aboutr the Sony so I can't say much there