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Oct 3, 2016
Quick run down of current top 3:
ASTRO A50 Wireless System | ASTRO Gaming Primed for use with PS4/Xbox1 and does it perfectly, if your a console gamer who doesn't need their headset every second of the day, this is probably the headset for you! I think it has a removable boom mic for casual wear. Can function with PC. 10hour battery life very nice stand for when you aren't using them No removable battery, when it degrades, you're still stuck with a wire. NO Bluetooth,
Razer Man O' War - Wireless PC Gaming Headset All the pretty! Slightly lacking in comfort(very large cups not great as a glasses wearer) and they may have slightly put design above functionality. 14 hours battery life, or 20 if you turn off all your flashy lighting. NO wired audio option! who makes a headset WITHOUT a 3.5mm input?? Great for PC and PS4, but goodluck getting this to function with a mobile device or Xbox1 (USB input)
Siberia 840 Wireless Gaming Headset | SteelSeries -Disclaimer: My personal favourite, but still trying to give a fair review- Does nearly all audio input and swaps between with ease. comes with 2x 20hour batteries and an external charger(Sound manager) that works as battery storage Piggyback audio if a friend wants to listen, just plug their headphones into yours! Easy to use volume wheel & mic mute button/power toggle. This is the headset if you want to use it with all of your devices, swap between easily, and not look like a dork with a boom mic constantly strapped to the side of your head. High quality audio, with decent mic quality (not quite loud enough for my liking but that can be adjusted in post) Input can be overlapped from 3 different sources. you can take a phone-call on the Bluetooth, while listening to music via 3.5mm input, while listening to your gaming audio - If that's what you're into. The only downsides I can see to this headset is the slightly reduced sounds quality/volume if you use purely wireless (Increases when hardwired-that's normal) and the setup of the management dock thing takes a short while and has rather a few cables.
Sidenote: If you don't want to fork out quite this much but like the lights on the Razer, and the functionality of the A50s maybe stick with the Logitech G933? Has a quick mute function when you store the mic (very sleek) Slightly lower quality audio, and fabrics(mostly plastic) but very functional. Only reason I didn't go for one of these was the lack of Bluetooth
So, after a long time spent researching and looking at multiple headsets, my choice for an everyday, easy integration headset has to be: The Siberia 840
Oct 3, 2016
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