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I have the nano firebox stainless version. The thing just works! I love it! Other thing is it packs real small and you can just use the cotton pouch or if weight doesn’t matter the xcase is really nice to use for having a stable platform that keeps the ashes and heat from scorching the ground. Youtube firebox channel he shows a lot of good info on how you can burn the most efficiently and ways to use it. It make a great windscreen and stand for alcohol stoves. It is a bit heavy for the stainless which surprised me given how small it is, there is a feel of durability and quality. You can also fit a gas trangia to fuel canister stove in it too. $30 premium for the titanium which seems crazy to me for sure. However it is almost half the weight too. He has a video on how to stack two nanos on top of each other with a kit and to have a serious Swedish stove fire.
i have the firebox gen 2 titanium nano with the X-CASE. I made a Zubuton alcohol stove that weighs 7 grams to fit inside of it, and it takes less than half an ounce of alcohol to boil 2 cups of water. Additionally it was made to fit a Trangia inside of it with full use of the simmer ring. its primary function was to operate as a small wood stove, and you can watch many videos on Youtube regarding how to get the most from the stove in wood burning mode. the cons are that it is small, and if you use wood you need to be tending it during the boil, but it takes very little biofuel to make a boil so that you could carry a piece of dry wood as wide as your wrist and as long as your hand and that could cook a couple meals for you. most people are going to want something larger, but as a solo hiker who cooks breakfast from a hammock, this little stove is perfect. I give it 5 stars.
Biolite and 5" firebox are both way too heavy for backpacking at 1.5-2 and 2 lb.
The vargo stove is absolute trash. It's light and easy to put together but it doesn't get enough air flow so you have to keep the door wide open all the time or the fire goes out. This causes the flames to shoot out the side instead of onto your pot so it takes forever to boil water. It's also really hard to add sticks to a very tiny firebox from the side while it's shooting flames out at you from that side.
The core stove is ok. It's a pain in the ass to setup and the gasifier function doesn't work very well. The rocket port does not clip on well and makes it really hard to add fuel due to its odd size. On the other hand it does draw air pretty well and it's lightweight and cheap. I probably wouldn't get it again though.
The others I haven't tried yet.
I just added the BioLite. It burns wood and produces power for you to charge shit. WHY WAS IT NOT HERE?
Where's the regular firebox?