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Count me in, this sounds great!
I don't do much carving, but I'd be in line for a set of Narex bevel edge or mortise chisels.
why are there woodturning tools when this is a carving thread
I'd definitely be interested in a Woodworking Community on Massdrop! Let's make it happen!
I'm interested!
Concur with all! Wood working tools are one of those items that I'm certain you could realize significant cost reduction with the collective purchasing power of Mass Drop. Even looking at Woodcraft, Rockler, Lee Valley, and many others have their own sales o a regular basis. Getting a guaranteed number of purchases is something I don't think they would pass up.
bring it on!!
I would benefit from a woodworking community on mass drop
This "wood" be great. Sorry.
Seriously though, a chance to pick up some tools on the cheap and possibly discover new and helpful tools would be amazing.
a wood working community would be amazing!!
I would love to see a woodworking community, that being said, some lathe tools with the tungsten carbide inserts would be something to think of, because of the cost of a higher quality set is pretty high, I think many people would be interested in them, myself included.
I would love a wood working community!