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ZT produces meticulously made and great looking knives ... and are unreliable for intensive use. It's a pity that such gorgeous builds are so dangerous and unsuited for what they claim, but it is now quite evident that a large portion of knives they ship are extremely dangerous due to lock failure. The ZT faithful will object, but facts are facts. 'A Real Beast' ? More like A Real Feast for knife reviewers and collectors who know serious problems when they see them.
No one should consider a ZT as anything more than a fidget toy made of materials that check boxes. Definitely don't consider it a hard working tool. You may get lucky and buy one out of specs that actually locks well enough but generally you should accept that their standards call for their locks to slip. Some slip with less than a tap, some require a light tap.
Buy something else. Many great companies out there making great knives. ZT isn't one of them.
Don't care. Buy what works at the right price.
Have owned 5 over the years, only have one left and it doesn't get carried and it doesn't get sold because no one wants a ZT without a lockbar insert even though it's the only one I've owned that doesn't easily slip with light pressure. Unless i want to take a retarded price hit, that is. So it sits in a drawer.
Actually, i take that back. My wife's 0566BW is still a great knife for the price i paid. The only one I'd recommend as being worth buying.
So... I'm voting for the one I think is best or the one I want as a future drop?
The 0562CF with CTS-204 is an outstanding blade... but I have one already. I'm interested in the 0566 now. So I vote for the 566 or 562 ??
Gonna have a hard time with the 0804CF, given that it's been discontinued since last summer and was always a fairly limited production knife that was also quite popular for it's price range.
I can't afford one of these knives at MSRP, but if MD can get a decent deal on one, then I will be the proud owner of a ZT. I hope MD can fulfill...
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Great, you got a really good deal. Hope you injoy it , after it's broke in you'll have a smooth drop free flipper that's ready for just about anything.
You can. Throw one buck and two quarters into a jar every day, and don't touch that jar for about 3 1/2 months. Don't even think about it until its time to put the $ in. Then forget again. After about 100 or 110 days you've got yourself a Sinkavich 0450 (I think thats the model, the small one with the 3" blade), the Ti frame version. Like all ZTs, it flips like a dream. Spend an extra 20 and now you're upgraded to the carbon fiber/black DLC blade version. Beautiful knife.
Personally though, if you're saving up for a ZT, Id recommend waiting about 5 1/3 months (or increasing the daily kick, if you can painlessly). That gets you to about $240, and that's the price of a whole lot of cool models. In fact, except for some specials / sprint runs, I think all but one ZT currently produced are no > $240. My current favourite is the new 0393; picked up both versions. I saw i loved the pics of it about 3 months prior to the release, so I grabbed my jar, kicked in two bucks a day, and was only a little short when it came out.
I think you should go for it, because youll love whatever you get--they're all great knives. Also, I have some bad news: I dont think youll see any ZTs on MD any time soon. I'm fairly sure part of Kai/ZT's agreement with their authorized retailers is that they won't distribute through sites like this one. There are various reasons, but a big one is that they won't allow individual retailers to lower prices at will. All sales discounts must be approved by Kai/ZT, and they dont approve many. If youve priced ZTs at various online knife retailers you know what I mean--pretty much the same price for the same knife everywhere. That's Kai maintaining the "premium" perception people have of ZT. They built it carefully from the ground up, and they wont do anything injurious to it, esp just to move a few hundred extra units. Kai are a tad fanatical on this point, I am told, and they should be--consumers' belief that ZT = a premium, somewhat exclusive product is incredibly valuable. At least it can't be said that their products don't live up to the hype. ZT makes great knives.
My jar is out again--Microtech has finally started shipping UTX-70s, and I want more than the one I bought last week.
So we all are ZT proud owners and that's what counts, it's not which one you own but the fact that we all find them to be one of the best if not the best production knife makers, period!
Already have a 0562cf but that's my first choice. It's such a great knife I know a few friends who would love to get one at a discount.
I've owned the 0562 cf, fit and finish was great. Nice weight as well.
I love ZT knives. I have the 0095BW and the 0909 and both are excellent blades.
I have the 770CF - perfect EDC knife, at 3 oz.