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Wow, this is too wide open for a single poll. It should be (mechanical watches only please): Best Affordable Watches under $100, $101-200, $201-300, $301-400, and $401-500. That would be a much better way. Right now, everybody is just throwing in their favorite watch, and it's too many choices to mean anything.
Can we please for the Hamilton khaki field king automatic watch. You gents should compare the two Hamilton’s. I can asssure you that the khaki field king is the best one.
Hamilton khaki field king watch please.
Orient Poseidon Brazil model please...
Is there a way to be notified if your top vote wins the poll?
Once you vote, you will be notified if the poll is attached to an active drop.
Will the Hamilton come? :)
Seiko monster is just the best watch for that price.
id rather the seiko SARX017. the watch has been raved about by massdrop people and forums alike
Check out the Seiko Prosper Seiko Prosper SRP777. Great Review on Worn & wound.
Could you vote for Pilot 54 Chronograph Black Leather Watch - Fossil
the fossil watch isnt even automatic
The squale is 1,000,000 x better.
No love for the brass?
Only difference I see is one number different in the model number. I'm curious of the difference too.
The two Hamilton Khakis are the same?
ones 38mm with a 20mm band and the other 42mm with a 22mm band
Could you guys take a look at these dive watches: