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Progress? This would be awesome but understand difficulties associated with a high demand company like Alden.
Sorry for the wait! Here's what I posted in a similar poll for Alden/AE:
Hey folks,
I just got back from NYC and was fortunate to have long conversations with some of the higher-ups at both Alden and Allen Edmonds. I had a great time chatting with both companies, but I think that a Massdrop listing with either of them is not feasible at this time. Here's what I learned.
1. First off, Alden extremely selective about letting companies list anything online, and only if they have an established relationship with them as a brick and mortar store first. Moreover, they already have more orders than they can fulfill, so it just doesn't make sense for them to open an account with us, even if it means reaching new customers. They are already behind schedule so it just doesn't work for them.
2. Allen Edmonds is in a similar position, in that they require a brick and mortar store to carry their products. This makes sense, as shoes are hard to fit correctly and both companies want to make sure that customers have the positive experience of going into one of their shops and getting sized by a professional. On top of that, AE already runs sales frequently and has highly discounted factory seconds, so it would be hard to match their lowest prices.
So my recommendations to you are this - if you want discounted shoes from either of these brands, check out their factory seconds.
Allen Edmonds:
Alden (mailing list):
Thanks for voting, everyone!
It's pretty cool that you're telling everyone, visit their site since they'll offer a better deal on the seconds (or the brick-n-mortar for a custom experience). I can't imagine traditional online places letting a sale go even if there's a better deal to be had elsewhere. Massdrop FTW!
Any news?
We are working on getting Alden on board but it takes a long time to get a big company like them onto Massdrop. November/December is also a very tough time since most companies are very busy with their own orders and stock is usually low. I can't promise anything but we'll keep at it, especially come 2015.
Woohoo. Always wanted a pair of these boots!
Hey guys,
We are still talking with Alden about arranging a drop in the future. Hang tight!
Hey guys,
Thank you for your votes.
We will contact Alden and keep you posted with our progress.