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A UHK drop would be amazing!
why is the Kings Assembly even on there? Nobody knows if it's even ready yet, nobody knows the status of the product and the creator is very quiet. He doesn't bring any updates on his product.
Because it's neat?
I'll give you that. It's looks very neat. But the product is not finished. It's been promised for over 2 years and the dude hasn't been updating for a very long time. Chances are that he hasn't even finished the product.
Is there a difference between the ergodox you pleb and ergodox infinity?
One is an ergonomic keyboard and the other is a status symbol. Choose wisely.
Dear lord please just drop the ergodox...
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Yeah I was there when the planck was out but I didn't get it because I wanted the planck version with the extra number row and with the wood side panels (not sure what this version was called). I needed the extra number row since I work with numbers a lot so the newer condensed planck version was not for me. Not sure if I would enjoy having to press a button to go to the number row layer on the new plank.
Very happy with the Ergodox since it will be nice to spread my hands apart and type instead of it being cramped in a tiny keyboard I suppose. Yes I got the clear curved keycaps and the purple zelios switches so I'm excited about it. The screen panel that shows the layer you're in makes it look extra cool.
I guess if you don't check your emails before bedtime during vacation will make people luck out as well.
You're waiting on the Preonic. That one was supposed to be dropped last month, but it seems like the guy that runs the show is busy with the Planck right now. Then there's another one called the Subatomic that is coming out soon, but I have no idea what the layout is on that one... And yeah, that's why I went with the ergodox, so I could spread my hands comfortably, because either way you can program all the keys to be whatever you desire.
Please just sell us and Ergo dox kit, ive been waiting so long.
Why was a 2 year old poll recommended to me, what is this Youtube-tier algorithm? NONSENSE
Not sure why people are voting the kings assembly when the project hasn't moved on kickstarter for a year LOL
Yeah the Kings Assembly is looking more and more like vaporware with each passing day.
I agree. From the site it looks like you can order a 3D printed "beta model," albeit at a staggering $650. I've been watching this product for a long, long time, and I think if they haven't been able to produce a more polished device by now then it just isn't going to happen.
The King's Assembly is not a finished product. It looks cool, and I love people thinking outside the box, so people voted on it. But it's not going to be available any time soon. I don't know why they are marketing it like it's great for gaming, either. Maybe MMOs, but I can't imagine that being good for FPS due to the giant right side not allowing for twich-speed control or claw grips. I like the idea, but don't understand why we're voting on something that doesn't exist.
While the Tex Yoda is essentially a mechanical ThinkPad KB...which I really like the philosophy. 60% KB where you don't stray from the home row position. Barely any arm movement. You need access to a mouse, it's right there on the home row. Wouldn't game with the mouse functionality (it's not marketed as such), but the efficiency factor on a work station is fantastic.
can to poll starter or moderator remove the options that do not have mouse or joystick components?
"King's Assembly" looks ridiculous.
most of these listed aren't available yet or still in prototype. Why vote on a group buy for stuff that doesn't exist?
Thank, you! I began to be excited then became extremely disappointed after discovering that the products is projected to be out in the next two years.
As one of the people who helped kickstart the Kings assembly, 2 years past their initial " shipping" deadline we still do not have our units, and its been like 3 months sense we even got a status update, i highly recommend spending your money elsewhere.
Somebody know the status on the keymouse? I'm not a backer so only see the award of CES....
Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is now running crowdfunding campaign at: already collecting $177K
I want this now...
I want this one.
As cool as these mock-ups of the King's Assembly look, I would need to see some nice shots of the actual product before I ever decided to drop $300+ on one.
I used to be excited about the King's Assembly, but they have pushed back their release to backers in order to market expensive one-off versions. That left a bas taste in my mouth. For as long as backers have had their money tied up in the product, they could have made a profit in the stock market and just purchased at retail product. There needs to be a palpable appreciation from product makers to backers, and this company has, IMO, spat on their backers...
Aside from that philosophical rant, I think the King's Assembly would have ben an ideal candidate for a thumb trackball, rather than having to move your whole hand around as a mouse. I may consider the product in the future, but we are so far away from a a public release that having a mass drop is impetuous...
It saddens me the lack of love for the axios :(
What is the expected pricing for the king's assembly?
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holy shit fuck thaaaat. And I thought 200 bucks for an ergodox was cray cray...
It really does not matter. The developers kept the KS money and haven't given a single update in over a year. This is a fake concept
Aha! I see the axios. I just knew that other people here had to know about it. 19 votes? That is more than I thought. We are growing more powerful all of the time.
Kings assembly looks sweet. Is the Orbweaver for one hand only?
Any updates on this drop?
confirmed: orbweaver is a left-hand gamepad
Thanks! Seems it doesn't really have a place in an "all in one" drop poll then.
Wow, nice! Sad I didn't saw the kickstarter project before.
They sent us this update on October 20th: -"We’re currently working on refining the bits of plastic and assembling electronics for updates to the product we intend to manufacture for you. The latest firmware is ready to begin testing, along with the PCBs, wire harnesses, lasers, switches, and joysticks. We hope to have some live shots with all the refinements to show you soon! "
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Ah, okay I concede, it has been quite some time since I've used a mouse to play any first person game. ( trackball! )
That said, on their kickstarter (page under the details of the mouse cursor we find your answer.
"A key can be mapped such that either toggling it or holding it down disables the mouse optical sensor input, allowing you to reposition the device without moving the mouse cursor (handy for strafing in games, where normally you might lift the mouse up and move it)"
"Combine alternating mouse disabling (using the mouse-disabling key) with opposing mouse movements to create perpetual mouse cursor movement in any direction (yes this takes a minute to sink in, but it's a very exciting feature and only takes a minute of practice to get right)"
On you can currently pre-order the KA for $250. Is there any chance this drop will be less than that or is pre-ordering going to be the way to go?
The Razer Orbweaver description:
> It's better than the King's Assembly and wasn't kickstarted.
WAT? I don't even.
That is too funny, coming directly from razer I bet.
Any update on these?