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Now Available!

Thanks to Graboy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the AntLion ModMic 4 available.

KrisDrop Buyer

AntLion ModMic 4

AntLion ModMic 4

Antlion ModMic is live in the store now! Enjoy your microphones.
I've been working with Antlion for a bit now, and I'd like to update everyone in this poll. We are receiving sample Modmic 3.0's now, and will be trying to set up a drop for them in March.
No timeline yet on the 4.0, but for everyone who is excited about getting a Modmic now, keep checking Massdrop.
Will the 2.3 be available?
So can I change my vote?
Yeah. On the right side of the page click the 'edit choices' button.
Everyone should be aware the the 3.0 is currently only in a pilot program and is much easier to break than the 2.3
Antlion also does not offer a warranty on the 3.0 currently, not even an offer to warranty it out for a 2.3 if it does break.
Thirdly they do not guarantee that it will work with your hardware.
"You assume the chance of having the 3.0 not work on your hardware (even if you're on the "works" list, we can't be completely certain that it'll work perfectly, hence the pilot program...)
If it doesn't work or you aren't pleased with the sound: buyers have option to swap out 3.0 boom with 2.0 boom but must pay shipping and handling ( 6 USD domestic, 13 USD international) - this must be done reasonably soon after you get the mic.
We can't really offer a warranty for the 3.0 because we may not continue it. So, don't break it. The 3.0 is more easily broken than the 2.0.
Pilot buyers will (please) comment (in the 3.0 compatibility Blog post) on their hardware and experience so we can add it to the list. Depending on results we may expand the 3.0.
If you buy a pilot 3.0 you're saying that you've read the 3.0 instructions/notes/compatibility (below) and agree with all rules above. "