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Lets get the PG279Q going. IPS, 165hz and 1ms... What else could you need?
Looking forward to this monitor and it would be nice to get it on Drop.
The ROG Swift and Acer Predator both look fantastic.
any one have a eta on the Drop? realy want this screen
Never apparently...


I bought the pg279q from Newegg a few weeks ago and I love it. the white screen is really immersive and great for gaming. I have a asus 980 ti strix to make full use of the 165hz refresh rate.
If I could get intell and nividia to sponsor a skylake and titan build I would buy 3, lets face it intell and nividia are so expensive.
I've been planning on buying the PG279Q since i heard about it! having a drop on it would be awesome!
I feel like the Asus ROG community is cool enough to throw this on Massdrop... and if they do I'm totally in.
I've been on the look out for a curved 34" monitor for a while. And with spec like that and a discount , I'll buy one.
A drop I'd love to join, maybe one day.
I am going to buy this anyway, so if we can get a deal on here then that would be sweet!