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Now Available!

Thanks for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the KRK RP10 Three-Way Studio Monitor available.

SeanDrop Buyer

KRK RP10 Three-Way Studio Monitor

KRK RP10 Three-Way Studio Monitor

Looking for true transparency, the ADAMs are my choice. The ROKIT are great but more colored. HS5 are nice for testing the mix.
Another drop for the Rokits...give me a break. lol.
We have an active drop up on the site right now for the Presonus Eris E5's. Please check it out:
I think the A2+ Speakers with enough votes could be the best deal economically and will deliver the great quality everyone is looking for at a low price. My vote goes for the A2+ speakers!
The A2+ speakers are kinda overrated.
The Audioengine A5+ are one of the best models in the 400-500 dollar range and if we get enough people to buy that will go down to about $230!!!
ROKIT RP10-3 Studio Monitors Speaker KRK SYSTEMS would be awesome. I came on to request them and I saw it is here already in the works!
The Rokit 10s are pretty serious! From memory I think they go down to 31hz! If this drop launches with reasonable shipping, I'm in!