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Thanks for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the FocusRite 2i2 available.

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FocusRite 2i2

FocusRite 2i2

Is there a way to start a vote on the Focusrite Liquid Sapphire 56? Amazing interface!
the next 8-preamp interface drop HAS to be the scarlett 18i20
MOTU has launched a bunch of amazing new interfaces check them out, great DAC and plenty of possibilities. They are stand alone as well and can be network controlled. Windows users shouldn't be afraid as these one are USB and days of firewire chipsets nightmare are now over :)
Did someone really suggest an Ableton Push XD
Guys don't vote for the 2i2, get the 2i4!!!!! Change your votes it's 10bucks for ease in the future
I originally wanted to go with the 2i2, but after talking with some people with more experience, you'll quickly want to get some of the features that the 2i4 brings to the table. Yeah the 2i2 is cheaper, but you know whats cheapest? Buying the right thing first time around instead of buying twice =)
Yeah I have a Tascam US-122mkII right now but it has an awful tendency to work great for awhile then just falls apart; crushing input and output streams, losing input entirely, and generally not working as it should. I basically use it as a plain USB sound card, using the XLR mic input and 1/4 headphone jack output. It makes it way easier than having separate things to control all my audio peripherals.
The RCA out on the 2i4 a good bonus imo. Before I was looking at the 2i2 I was going to get an audioengine d1 to control my headphones and speakers, then get a cheap audio interface on top of that. Going to use mine as an external soundcard with a nice dac too. Only thing I can say to make it better is add SPDIF I/O so I can hook up my bluray player xD
Does the 2i2 have Phantom? I didn't see any mention of it on the product page. All I basically need is a XLR mic input to my computer so the nice small and basic ones are exactly what I'm looking for.
It does. Although for an extra handful of dollars go for the 2i4. You get more outputs and 2 audio channels so you could use it to output different things to speakers and headset at the same time. Like game sound through a headset and music through speakers. Or monitor mic with headset while working with music on the speakers, etc.
Go for the Scarlett 2i4! Midi in/out, Dual Phantom XLR, Pad for hot inputs, 2 Balanced 1/4" and 4 phono line outs, Direct monitor for input or playback, powered over USB port... more bang for your buck!
Can we expect an official word on this drop soon? I really would like to get my hands on a Scarlet 2i2
I personally own the focusrite scarlett, and am a little bit dissapointed with it, I'm a touring musician, play shows regularly and use the Audio Interface to go out from my laptop to the clubs audio systems, I have noticed the Focusrite is significantly quieter then other interfaces I've used, at least about 12~15db, so, to the point where I turn it up all the way and have sound guys ask me, "Thats really as loud as you can go?".
With that said, I will say that the Focusrite has really nice Pre's for recording, so its kind of up to what you want to do it for. I have tried a bunch of the ones on this vote, and as for the bang for buck, in terms of clarity, volume and ease of use for live performance I really love the MOTU Ultralite.
Nice video of Misha from Periphery showing how he utilizes his Focusrite:
I have the Tascam US-1800, it's been great for me but you'll need a headphone amp because the headphone output in very quiet.
Same experience here. Since I voted in this poll, I've purchased one and the headphone output is quite quiet for monitoring the inputs. It's fine for output from a PC as an interface, but for monitoring I absolutely recommend a headphone amp.
Hope the Scarlet gets voted in. Really want it for my BPHS1'
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